Go For The Win? or Tie?

I was really hoping Setta made that last field as it would have left the Argos with something to think about. If Setta had made it and you were the Argo's coach would you have gone for the win or kick a field goal (lets assume it's third and five yards to go) for the tie? Would one point more in the standings have helped the Argos out? I really think the Argos HAD to win that game.

Well it doesnt really matter now!
another tough loss.
This is the first time That MB sounds really disappointed in the post game interviews.

ALWAYS play to win.

Good observation above on MB's disappointment showing for the first time. Gotta disagree with "ALWAYS play to win." A better philosophy, in a situation like that, is ..... always choose the option which you believe gives you the better chanced to win. Were the Cat's more likely to get a 2-point convert OR more likely to "stack up well" against the Argos in the stupid playoff format the league has adopted? It didn't work out this time, but they made the right decision.

If they were in the exact same situation against Edm, Mtl, Cal, or BC and maybe even Sask, the 2 point option might have been the choice.