go eskies go

O'shea has been eaten alive the last two games, he's definately lost a step.

Lumsden made him look silly a few times last week and he was just pushed around all night by the Esk's O-line tonight as well. Even Ricky Ray put a move on O'shea and made him look silly. He's definately lost a step or two. Maybe he should have retired. He's getting beat often and bad out there.

yea that play by Auggie was great! he looked like a reciever stretching out to catch that.

The blue team's Defence is struggling, The offense was better, but not good enough, MAN IS GREAT TO SEE THEM GET THUMPED 2 GAMES IN A ROW!! :thup:


Loved seeing the Blue team get beat again. twice in a row!!!. :thup: :rockin:

Bishop did not look happy. I believe his days are numbered with the blue team. They were commenting on how Joseph and Bishop don`t even look at each other on the sidelines.

Argos do seem to be a team with some problems that’s for sure. The quarterback situation could tear the team apart, what with different people, coaches and players, aligning themselves with different sides. The have to address this and very soon.

I take Rita’s statement that was just put on wavers for adjusting the line up, with a grain of salt. I have no doubt that they though someone would bite. (Green Riders?)

The Ti-Cats seemed to have showed up a glaring weakness in their D. I can see all the teams running it down their throats now. Eskimos did it with an untried running back. O’Shea was again a non-factor, credited with just 3 tackles and I think that was generous. Again his name was hardly mentioned.

Nice to see a team with bigger concerns than the Cats for a change.

if argos were smart they'd make up their mind for the rest of the season now who their #1 qb is.
put stubler back as def cor where he belongs and bring pinball back in with damon and take over this club.
but i hope not i love seeing the goodship argonaut sink and i knew this qb thing wasn't gonna work,
stay tuned to this.trading bishop and you may have a divided locker room.