go eskies go

Iv always liked eskies! ever since they played argo's in the hammmer! so im wishng the best of luck to ray and his Crew!:slight_smile:

oh ya, i dono much about footballl, but i called cats gettin stomped by al's! and alled cats killing argo's ...I think the cats will step up again and give the fans what they want and disurve!

I hope Prefontaine shows up his former team tonight :slight_smile: plus I just want the Argos to lose

Argos are looking ok so far. It does seem the Argos are weak against the run. Too bad the Eskimos don't have a good running back.


This game is looking like it will be a great one! 2 TD each and good D to boot! I look forward to the 2nd half.

Interesting to see Bishop in there after Joseph threw a pick that was returned for a TD. That pick may have been more of a result of miscommunication with rookie receiver though. And Joseph was 16/27 for 174 yards, 2 TD passes, and just the one pick.

And then Edmonton returns punt for TD, as Jackson eludes blue team defenders again. If you missed it, you'll want to see the highlights of it later.

Then after Bishop picked, blue team gets TD after what might be considered a fumble recovery. That'll be something else that'll be shown in highlights of this game, which has been a good one.

(Correction: It looks like Garrett never actually intercepted it, so it will likely be considered a TD pass.)

Man on that one play where Sadeek had intercepted it i started jumping up and down cheering (because i want the blue team to lose) and then all i saw was Morant runnign into the endzone with the ball lol

With 2:18 left in the 3rd quarter it's now 30-25 Edmonton.

Joseph was back in for the last blue team drive, but Bishop left his helmet on. It was also pointed out by TSN sideline reporter that Joseph and Bishop are not speaking with each other (unlike Ray and Maas.) No surprise there.

And Ray throws pick, blue team starts in field goal range.

Man Edmonton is looking great, I'm happy for them, they've had a rough go the last few years too, nice to see them recovering!!

and it's always a good day when the blue team gets thumped!!!

Wow, just realized, the vaunted blue team's defense has surrendered 72pts and counting in the last 2 games, losing a step I guess

Since the last time I posted about this game, the score became 40-28 Edmonton. And another highlight you have to see is Augie Barrenechea jumping at a blocked pass to intercept it.

Joseph is 23/38 for 227 yards and three picks now. Bishop is 2/5 and I would not be surprised if he'll be back in again. Not just because of Joseph's numbers, but because it will soon be 47-28 for the Esks.

While I totally agree that is is always nice to see them get thumped I do have to say that they are not being thumped at all. The blue team has been holding their own most of the game. Their rookie receivers have really stepped up.

Woooooooooooooooo 47-28.. the romp is on!!!!

Now are they getting thumped??

:lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

Argos are In Deep Trouble..

ARGOS :thdn: :lol: niceeeeeeeeeeee game EDM

GREAT GAME Smoes..... the East looks wide open this year!

Maybe Eiben won't be making such bold predictions about how the defence will perform anymore. :slight_smile:

But there were points off turnovers and a punt return for a TD. So it's not just the blue team D that was not as good as it was expected to be.

And now the game is over and the blue team is now below .500. Maybe the blue team is just not that great, and maybe we should not be too excited about the win against them. It'll be good to be ahead of them in the standings, though.

Personally I think we are turning the corner, and our win against them was earned BYF. Seeing the blue team sub 500 is something we have dearly missed, and with a win Saturday against the Riders we can open up some space between us, the blue team and the blue and gold team...lol.

14 of those pts were off ST so the D has given up 65 pts in the last 2 games, times are a changing!!

And coming out with a 19 point deficit seems to be a developing trend for the blue team as well.