okay now I know ive been in on the Durant bashing and disparging remarks but I have had some time to cool off and here it is, Go Durant it is obvious Durant is the man and that is not going to change soon, so from now on im cheering him on full support no turning back. he needs all of rider nation to help him get to the level of an excellent QB so lets all wish him a great game and for the love of god a win :lol: :lol:

Good attitude. I am with you. For now at least :wink:

Count me in as well :rockin:


Right on.

DDD (Dangerous Darian Durant) is the the man!

Support our team and our guys through it all. GO DURANT!

Completely agree - for the team, not for the individual.

So, what's Durant's record as a starter now? Something like 7-2?

Pulled up his QB rating quite a bit with a higher than normal completion percentage and some nice TD passes.