GO DURANT (Back to NC)...

True Rider fans want Bell and Harrells to see action now, cut this DD and Jyles mix, they are not doing anything for the club. SJ can't even convert two 3rd and inches for crying out loud. :cowboy:

True Rider fans want someone who is ready to play.. Bell and Harrell are not.

Nice waste of one of your 5 ever posts.....

I think he's a little off the charts..

This guys needs to be terminated. It’s like he signed up on here just to complain about Durant! WE GET IT! Your very inpatient! I am a little disapointed in the way Durant has played, but like a true Rider fan have faith that this team will find a way to win. Look at last year. Traded half our grey cup team had 13 guys on IR and still finisheed 2nd. HAVE FAITH RIDER NATION! IT IS ONLY WEEK 5! TONS OF FOOTBALL LEFT TO PLAY!


Watch Durant pick the Stamps D apart and everyone will be saying Durant is the man! He’s our QB to lead us to the promise land!

I want to ask you this question. Do you really think it is Jyles fault on 3rd down? Crandall couldn't do it. Bishop couldn't do it. Now Jyles can't do it. You really think its the players fault?

Harrell will get his chance...but it is still too early.

How long has Bell been involved? perhaps he should get a shot..pending what happens in Calgary.

Bell arrived late last year. Late September or early October. Like I've said before, they stashed him on the 46-man roster because he would have been with the Seahawks if he was on our practice roster.

Although he lost the #2 job to Jyles in preseason. And everybody here knows how completely incompetent Jyles is, so Bell must be absolutely horrible if he couldn't even displace him. He's had a full training camp and should be able to play -- at least as well as any of the Winnipeg QBs.

I wonder how Dalton Bell felt about being stashed away on the Rider's roster as he watched what could have been his second big chance to make it in the NFL disappear. I hope he has a short memory and a forgiving spirit.

Americans come north to play to get game film to send to NFL scouts. Even Canadian born football players will take the NFL over the CFL. Did not even Scott Schultz do that before coming back home to "play for the team of his dreams?" Even Nick Hutchins would gladly watch the view of Regina disappear from the rear view mirror of his pick up truck for a shot at the NFL.

These coaches played Michael Bishop over Durant. Kept him in the playoff game after 3 interceptions. So did that mean Bishop was better than Durant?

Kerry Joseph was MVP when Austin was his coach. He was not good at all in Toronto the next year. Was that Joseph? Or was that coaching?

I have a friend from Red Deer who is a big RIders fan. He went to the preseason game in Edmonton. He said Jyles played way better than Durant. Took the Riders on a long td drive I think. Jyles was pretty decent in the preseason game here to. Calling Jyles incompetent is BS. Saying Bell is no good is to. Let them play some before saying that.

Sorry, I forgot my [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags. I keep forgetting that you can't always convey the right tone over an impersonal medium like the internet.

And I was saying that Bell hasn't been showing any better than Jyles. From the average opinion of Jyles, that doesn't speak very well of Bell's abilities.