GO DAWGS ! National Champs!

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Uh..congrats to the Bulldogs team...
Ben had nothing to do with it

Ben had everything to do with it.

Don't you know that when Ben was born he drove his mother home from the hospital?

During his playing days most of his tackles were made with both hands tied behind his back.

Recently Covid-19 vaccinated itself againt Ben Zambiasi.

Moral of the story is "Never f**k with Ben Zambiasi.


If I run into him again down here I will make sure to tell him you have a crush on him.


The game was a tire fire until the 4th Q to watch

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Congrats to the Bulldogs . The Tide definitely missed John Metchie and they lost Jameson Williams , a Biletnikoff Award finalist early in the 2nd quarter . There go the deep threats .

These are two evenly matched teams that were the best in the country . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

I can understand an American watching US College Football, and getting all goosebumply over it. However I can't get mind around Canadians getting all goosebumply over someone else's school? You maybe are an American,not an attack against anybody,just something sickening about Canadians not getting more excited about their own school.


Get over yourself Argo . :roll_eyes:

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This information must be published somewhere if you know where to look (I don't have the time, nor the motivation), but I suspect last night's NCAA National Championship game would have generated better Canadian ratings for TSN, than any CFL game other than the Grey Cup game itself. I would appreciate it if someone would be able to either validate or refute that hypothesis, which is only based upon anecdotal evidence. I am certainly not in the business of conducting market research.

Nonetheless, the point that I am attempting to make is I believe you are in the minority. I believe most Canadians who enjoy watching football, enjoy watching some US College football Bowl games, even though they have no connection / affiliation with any particular campus in the USofA. To give you some background, I am Canadian & I was educated at the University of Waterloo (I am going to assume you know where that is). I was born in the early 1960's, which places my age in the 55+ cohort. I am going to make another anecdotal observation; this is probably the CFL's strongest demographic cohort . . . at least in Eastern Canada. Once again, I am certain the CFL braintrust would be in possession of data to either support or refute such a statement.

But I happen to work for a large global company, which has over 12,000 employees in Canada. And I can say that I am very familiar with the employees in Southern Ontario. My family & I happen to be Hamilton Tiger-Cat season ticket holders. But if we were to consider the sports fans from our Southern Ontario offices as a representative sample, I will make another anecdotal observation; the CFL has a big problem with the under 40yr. old cohort. This is the biggest problem that Ambrosie & co. have to solve. They need to find a way to make the CFL attractive to that lost generation of fans once again. Based upon my experience, the football fans in that cohort will follow the NFL obsessively (possibly wagering, & many of them participating in some sort of Fantasy FB league; btw I lack the time to participate in either of those activites), they will also follow NCAA football, and yet have very little time for any other football, including the CFL. The lone exception being the Grey Cup game. Based upon my observations, most of these football fans are willing to sacrifice watching (most of) the SNF game that conflicts with the Grey Cup. Not sure why . . . perhaps the Grey Cup hype, perhaps something else. I don't think it has anything to do with patriotism.

Final, comments relate to my personal preferences:

  • I grew up in Stoney Creek, and was raised as an avid Argo-hating, Tiger-Cat fan from a very young age; I remain a Tiger-Cat fan in spite of the fact that I have lived in the GTA for a very long time now.
  • Somewhere along the line, I became a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well . . . long before Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception;
  • played HS football in Hamilton
  • Attended University of Waterloo, and in spite of being an avid football fan, did not attend a single varsity football game in 5 years on campus. No interest in it at all. My downtime was spent on other recreational activities. And still very little interest in CIAU football. I should add that within the under 40year old cohort in our firm, we have some former Queen's football players, and even they have very little interest in the CFL, but I should qualify this to say they are located in the Toronto offices, so perhaps this is not unexpected.
  • while attending university, I became a casual fan of NCAA football. Probably during the ascent of the Miami Hurricane football program in the 1980's; my friends & I didn't really have a favourite team, but we all cheered against Miami, much like I don't have a favourite team now, but I cheer against Alabama.

The only purpose of this long-winded response is to say that you are entitled to your opinion. I remain an avid Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan. But I am also a fan of the NFL & NCAA football. I don't see that as a conflict at all, and I see no need to apologize for that.

And finally, bringing this diatribe back full circle to last night's National Championship game, I watch that game, and several other Bowl games btwn Xmas & New Year's every year. The NCAA Championship game rarely disappoints, and last night's game was no exception. Very entertaining. I hate to break it to you, but there are lots of football fans in Canada that do the same. And unfortunately the younger ones have very little interest in the CFL, other than checking out the Grey Cup game every year. This is not a crime.

This is what I have observed.

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Good post Dewey.

I find a lot of these NFL guys are posers. One particular group of about 8 dudes that I know make 3 or 4 road trips each year to nearby NFL stadiums. Places like Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburg and Cleveland. After these trips all I hear about is tailgating, booze, hotels, and great places to eat. If you ask them about the game you will mostly get blank stares. They actually understand very little about the game itself. I was shocked once when a few of them didn't know what a Pick-6 was.

These are the same guys that will mock the CFL if I bring it up. I think it is more of a group think mentality with these people. They feel the need to be affiliated with all the hype of the NFL and simultaneously conform with their friends.


The U.S. college games are available over the air every Saturday. Never did pay much attention to then until I learned about the Canadians playing in those games thanks to this forumn. Same goes for NFL. Now if only the Canadian college games were available over the air.

You got that right WOOFDOG . I'd love to watch McMaster vs whoever . For years I've posted Canadians Playing in NCAA Bowl Games . This holiday season there were over 40 bowl games and there are still a few all star games to go with Canadians involved . I can't wait to watch these young men who may play in the CFL . Go Cats !

Pat Lynch (the wrinkled Warrior)

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Thanks. It was your post that directed me to the Canadians playing in the U.S. colleges.


Same here. I end up using Pat's list as a reference and end up Googling a lot of these players. Many who will end up in the CFL. Plus it's really entertaining football and fills a nice void during the long CFL offseason.


How about watching NFL and getting all goosebumply about some other cities team?

I am going to jump the gun here and recycle this old topic, by predicting that 6 days from now, Ben Zambiasi & his fellow Georgia Bulldog alumni will be celebrating a 2nd consecutive National Championship.

Although I am predicting a Georgia victory, I would certainly not be opposed to an upset by the Horned Frogs from Ft.Worth, Texas !!

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CFL fans do try to follow their favourites like McMaster but it's not easy . Sportsnet does nothing with it's broadcast rights . I'd love to see the CBC cover Canadian University football regularly . Don't blame the fans !

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Anybody but Michigan is fine with me . The bowl games have been great this year . :heartbeat: