Go Colts...

Oy… Colts start the season being blown out by a rival. Really, the score flattered them. They never led, not once.

Peyton played well. He was 40 of 57 (70%) for 433, 3 TDs, and 0 picks. It was the usual problems that cost the Colts. No rushing attack. Addai finished with 44 yards. Actually, they abandoned the run in the second half. And the defence gace up 34 points and allowed Houston to convert 6 of its 11 third down attempts, and Foster had 231 yards on the ground.

I’ve seen this Colts team a hundred times…

Peyton needs to go to another team. The Colts will never do anything to put him in a position to win.

Where was the run Defence? This is a team that shut down the Jets' run game in the AFC Championship last season, and the Colts have all 11 starters on defense returning.

At least my Bucs are 1-0. :smiley:

The Colts haven't been able to stop the run for quite some time. Occasionally they'll get lucky, like in the Jets game...

Damn right and they can never seem to get anyone on the team to supplement Dwight Freeney and Gary Brackett despite being able to draft quality guys consistently on offence!

And then Addai as our lead back just has not done much for us since the 2007 season for that matter though he's still good in the red zone.

Even in the Super Bowl win back in 2007 for the 2006 season, the Colts were really terrible against the run en route to the Super Bowl win.

And in today's game Schaub sure did not have to throw it much when Houston could run 39 total running plays for 260 yards with 3 rushing touchdowns! You would think with allowing that sort of running yardage that the Colts have a college defence! :roll:

The Houston Texans are finally the real deal. They were jacked up for this game. I like the Texans a lot this season, although I don't think they'll be the Colts in Indy.

In the NFC I can see the Lions make a run for the post season as well, they got screwed yesterday but definitely see an improved in the line play on both sides of the ball.

I believe the Texans will be good, as well. They've been steadily improving each season. It just frustrates me to see Peyton's talent wasted by the Colts. Year after year we see the same problems with this team...

That touchdown play for Lion's that was ruled incomplete; I thought/believe that the ground can not cause a fumble. However, had the player tucked the ball in to his chest it would have been a touchdown. But then, i'm not too sure that he had possession long enough and wonder if that is the reason for it being ruled incomplete? Or was part of his body out of bounds when he came down?

Right call but bad new rule since last season -- basically last season the NFL simplified the rule on catches when a receiver goes to ground for the sake of the common situation otherwise with regard to those catches.

Previously when a receiver was going to the ground when catching a ball, under the old rule the receiver had to only control the catch long enough to be considered a catch before the receiver and/or the ball hitting the ground. If the ball became loose after control had been attained due to the receiver's contact with the ground, or even due to the ball's contact with the ground, after the catch was made it was ruled COMPLETE. The rule was similar to in nature to the existing down by contact rule for sake of no fumble.

Basically the old rule made for too many replays and tough calls in the determination of whether or not the receiver had possession by the time he and/or the ball hit the ground, so they changed the rule to state that a player catching a pass going to ground must control the ball for the ENTIRE catch, including when rolling up from it, AND the ball cannot touch the ground at any point during the catch. Sounds simple eh?

Therein lies the new rule for that now memorable catch in that in part of the catch as defined in the new rule, at the very end, the ball was clearly touching the ground though otherwise in control of the player.

It gets better though. Tony Dungy really threw the biggest wrinkle into the matter after all at halftime last night on NBC, in that he stated that somehow by rule for sake of a 2-point conversion the same standard does not apply as was the case during the Super Bowl for sake of the overruled incompletion of the reception by the Saint's player, after requested review by Saints' coach Sean Payton, for sake of the original call of incomplete according to the new rule.

You are far from alone and the NFL really needs to clarify the rule, as why is it in a two-point conversion on a pass play the player need only "break the plane" for the score to count, even if losing the ball after controlling it when the PLAYER makes contact with the ground as required by the rule on any other play, but the same would not be true on a touchdown pass with the same result yet to be seen this season?

The new rule from 2009 I do not think was intended to overrule that sort of catch with the ball that long and clearly in control of the receiver.

I have no idea how this matter will be fixed now, but it sure is a problem even though the officials got the call right. :?

Maybe the rule ought be different for sake of ALL catches in the end zone like for that Super Bowl 2-pt conversion (convert as you say up there), as control at some point would indicate the plane had been broken, than for in the field of play?

We are reminded again of the infamous "tuck rule" that saved the bacon of the New England Patriots, in which case the right call was made for what had been also a terrible rule.

Good thing we don't come across bad rules like this one too often. :?

When Bob Sanders is healthy, they're able to stop the run. Only problem is he can't stay healthy, I think he left Sunday's game in the 1st quarter.

Sanders is done ...for sake of a Canadian analogy, he's far worse in that regard than Buck Pierce.

Sanders is a great example of an exceptional talent within a body of unsurprising human limitations as any pro will hit all the same. For as solid as Sanders is as a safety, in turn those limitations greatly hinder his prolonged effectiveness just as much.

And it does not help the Colts, for whom Sanders has had such injury issues for years, that they have not found near enough talent and skill otherwise for the secondary as well. :roll:

By comparison to Sanders, even other great safeties like Polamalu and Ed Reed have had injury issues limiting their action yet Ed Reed only recently in his long and successful career.

Usually with the Steelers when Polamalu is not on the field his absence really shows, but last night strangely the Ravens did not miss Reed in demonstrating a clinic with their status as the best NFL front-seven if not defence altogether.

Saw this on ESPN.com today...

Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders has a torn biceps tendon and is out indefinitely, if not for the season, two team sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The sooner the Colts ditch this guy, the better. :roll:

A calculated gamble was taken here by GM Polian and the Colts lost. Now he has little or no trade value analogous to Pat White.

In such a competitive landscape, though for sure there will be a few misses again all the same, it is more often than not better to trade whilst there is ambiguity with such players than to risk removing all doubt saith this Armchair GM. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the Colts actually played a good game tonight. There were four reasons they won...

  1. Peyton ate the young Giants defence alive.
  2. Indy went with a more balanced running game. I still don't think Addai can be the main back. It's better to split the carries. Tonight he had 20 carries and Brown had 13 (compared to none in Week 1).
  3. The bookends played well tonight.
  4. NY really didn't use its run game. I mean, Bradshaw had 89 yards (at the time of this post), which is good, but when you have Bradshaw and Jacobs... the Giants should've been able to run all over the Colts just like the Texans did, but they didn't stick with it. Now part of the reason could be they were down throughout the game...

my fav NFL teams beats my most disliked NFL team.

simply marvelous :rockin:

Solid post Chief and to support the second point note these telling stats of Week 1 versus Week 2 against a better run defence otherwise by the NY Giants than by the Texans too:

[url=http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-nfl-headlines/141062-colts-running-game-having-resurgence-late.html]http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-n ... -late.html[/url]

So the Colts won again yesterday, but for the second week in a row the run defence wasn't tested. Neither team bothered with the running game on Sunday. Denver had 18 carries and Indy had 22. It was more of a passing game. Peyton attempted 43 passes while Orton attempted 57.

I'd like to see a team run against the Colts like the Texans did in Week 1. Then we'll be able to tell if the run defence really has improved. Next week should be interesting when the Colts face the Jags and Jones-Drew.

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81aeab0d/article/on-the-receiving-end-it-seems-colts-are-always-good-to-go]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8 ... good-to-go[/url]

Excellent article here in the first section about Bill Polian's and Peyton Manning's consistent success with receivers by Pat Kirwan. Note the common threads of spring workouts and fast 20-yd shuttle times to demonstrate top agility.

One could draw about the same conclusions with regard to Bill Belichek and Tom Brady and similar consistent success with low draft picks, undrafted free agents, and other no names though beyond even the receiver position.

Kirwan makes some positive points about the Colts running but generally I don't agree with him in that regard and his evidence cited is scant.

Good homer article here on Peyton Manning: http://www.indystar.com/article/2010100 ... /10010331/

He's also come a long way from that rough spell he had off the field as evidenced in this clip from the United Way a few years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caeITRkDrtg

Well, I said today's game would be a text for Indy, and they've failed BIG TIME! Barely 16 minutes into the game, and the Colts D has already given up 97 yards on the ground. This game will be a repeat of Indy's Week 1 defeat.

Hey Polian, you think maybe you wanna work on your run defence? Idiot... :roll:

Of all the things that Polian has gotten right, run defence has been a growing thorn in their side even with going to two Super Bowls and winning one (and blowing the other one yet still not with poor run defence but otherwise). :roll:

The Colts attempt to help out the linebacking corp and defence in signing first rounder Jerry Hughes, who specialises more as a passing rusher as a big OLB with also DE experience in college and is now listed as a 3rd-string DE though picked number 31, has turned out to be a real shortcoming from the last draft as here we are still relying too much on Brackett in the middle again despite an awesome pass rush from Mathis and Freeney (playing injured now too). :x

And rookie Pat Angerer backing up Brackett is not the answer any time soon either and Clint Session is out injured.

Have a look at our woeful depth chart: http://www.nfl.com/teams/indianapolisco ... t?team=IND