Go Chris Go!!!

Well, much as I want to see AC back in the lineup doing his thing, there comes a time when all good things come to an end. For AC, I hope that is still some time in the future, but tonight will be a glimpse at the future as the game is in Chris Leak's hands.

I sure hope he and the Als' coaching staff have prepared him, the O-line, and the other O-team players for a Chris Leak-driven offence. I certainly enjoy youthful enthousiasm (it keeps me young!), but as Chris said himself on TSN, the QB is the field general, and he has to manage the game. I wish him well tonight.

One final thought. The Lions have been beaten up and are coming in to prove something. They might well be "chomping at the bit" with a new QB in Leak. So, the Als' D will also have to come up big. Go Chris go!!!!

J'ai confiance que Chris Leak va faire bonne figure. Lorsqu'il a été dans zone de confort contre les Blue Bombers, l'attaque a bien fonctionnné.

Les Lions ont une meilleure défensive que celle de Winnipeg (ceci dit sans diminuer pour autant les qualités de celle de Winnipeg) et Leak n'entrera pas dans le match avec 24 points d'avance. Mais si chacun joue son rôle correctement, je crois qu'il a ce qu'il faut pour que les Alouettes aient une chance de remporter ce match.

On ne peut prendre les Lions pour une proie facile malgré leur fiche. Ils ont perdu quelques parties serrées, mais ils ont tout de même compté 35 points contre les Stampeders. Ce n'est pas rien! On ne sait pas si Printers est complètement remis de sa blessure de fin de match de la semaine dernière. Si c'est le cas, ce ne sera pas le quart diminué que les Alouettes ont affronté en juillet.

Je crois qu'on va avoir un match très intéressant.

Vas-y Leak! Fais leur voir que les Alouettes, ça joue en Chris!

Well so far, it's about what I expected for Chris. A big difference coming into a game with a 24-0 lead and starting one, isn't it?

Hopefully, the other players are going to be able to step it up a notch or two, give Chirs a big target to hit. The running game has to get on track, also. I feel that the D will have to come up big tonight.

The good news is that the Lions are not scoring and the game is very much within reach.

C'mon, Chris - let's see some of that Gator-aid!!!! Go chris go!!!

I have no complaints with Leak at all. He's done as well as can be expected. It was Santos who fumbled the short-yardage conversion, and Bratton and Richardson who dropped perfectly catchable balls that would have kept drives alive and put majors on the board.

I'm disappointed in the receivers, and in the coaches. Cobourne has been ignored, and too much is being asked of Leak at this stage.

As for the defense, I am really starting to wonder whether Tim Burke is the man to be DC next season. His playcalling toward the end of the half was absolutely brutal. That soft 2nd and long shell didn't stop Paris Jackson from gaining 38 EFFING YARDS, nor did matching Boulay up against him on a later catch or leaving Brown against Geroy Simon in cover EFFING ZERO in the end zone. This is not a personnel issue, it's a coaching issue. When your defense routinely gives up big plays on second and long while ostensibly in a prevent defense, something is wrong with your schemes and your playcalling.

They've tried to run the ball but the Lambert is useless run blocking, he's been brutal, he's hit nothing all night.

Lambert has been poor, but they give up on the run so easily it's pathetic. Cobourne had a couple of runs stuffed but also had a few where he gained 6-7 yards on first down. This coaching staff seems to think that if Avon isn't ripping off 15-yard scampers every play then he shouldn't be touching the rock. It's beyond ridiculous at this point.

This game is kind of playing out how I thought it would, frankly. I had BC winning in the virtual Grey Cup this week.

Well, I know this is going to be controversial, but I'll I say it anyway. The Montreal fans are not great fans! Time and time again, even when the Canadiens players messed up, we heard the lovely refrain of the "boo birds". A young QB is trying his best under difficult conditions. Fans, even AC and the whole team can stink the joint out once in a while. C'mon guys, show a bit of class!

Chris Leak is in tough tonight. Anyone trying to fill AC's shoes would have difficulty. I know have harped on this for a long time, but I would sincerely have liked the coaching staff to have given more game reps to their backups over the last two years. While a loss tonight is not the end of the world, the whole coaching staff is going to have to regroup and now prepare two QBs, Leak and McPherson (assuming he is ready to go). All of this in mid-season, no less!!!

Well, it's back to the drawing board, and I hope they come up with something better next week. Hope you're feeling better, AC!

They have been so spoiled they can't understand that a rookie QB has to learn his craft playing. I'm not surprised.

The coaches need to slap themselves in the head for the piss-poor game plan tonight. No creativity, not even the remotest attempt to make life easier for Leak by running the football and sticking with it even if it didn't pay immediate dividends. It's now almost two games that we haven't scored a TD against BC. That's absolutely pathetic. Calgary lit BC up last week and we can't even score one lousy major? Calvillo didn't fare any better than Leak in that department either.

Frankly, I think our coaches are out to lunch this year. They've become rigid and inflexible, unimaginative and stubborn to the point of pig-headedness when it comes to the running game. That stubbornness cost us in the form of AC's injury in the Winnipeg game, and it's cost us again tonight, as we throw a young QB to the wolves without trying to bring some semblance of balance to the offense. The defense is brutal on second and long and in key situations, Burke has his head up his ass calling plays. He, too, has failed to adapt in 2010.

Hey, how 'bout Ricky Santos? Good on you, young man!

It’s good, though. You need adversity in order to make the necessary changes and reload. We aren’t going anywhere this year. We’ll be lucky to win the division and I frankly can’t see us doing much in the playoffs. There’s not one unit on this team that you can rely on. Oh yes, another brutal game for special teams. No cover on McCallum turns what should have been a BC punt into a 15-yard run by the effing kicker. Duval horrible punting as usual. Maypray worse than useless on kick returns.

It’s called the Grey Cup hangover, folks, and we officially have it. When every quarterback on our roster is injured, will Trestman finally call more running plays? Or will he stick with this retarded West Coast offense that doesn’t work and that didn’t even win us the 2009 Grey Cup? (hmm, I forget who was the MVP of that game)

The guy is a playmaker, always was. He's showing his coach something tonight.

Man, this game might have gone differently had Richardson caught that pass from Leak in the end zone during the first quarter. Nicely thrown ball, nothing wrong with it really. Jamel has to make those catches, especially for a QB starting his first pro game.

Bratton has been a pylon since coming back from that concussion. Is he 100%? Guy isn't making plays, and looks afraid to take a hit.

" College boy ' was just that, your average NCAA QB who will never be a decent CFL QB. Leak managed to throw 1 long pass into the end zone [ it was not caught by the receiver ] thereafter he threw some short passes, had two interceptions and somehow managed to fumble the ball on the one decent run he made all night. He was way over his head and, will never play at a competent CFL level. Tonight I realized why he was not drafted by the NFL after his" college boy "days in the NCAA. While on the field he was absolutely horrid! The 4th string QB at least made one long pass and, the team did score a TD while Santos was at the helm- this by no means indicates that Santos is a CFL level QB. While he produced more offense than did " College boy" he also is not CFL material. I would look to Adrien McPherson as the only potential QB on hand to QBk the team after Calvillo. He proved this last year last year when he experienced success in the two games he played and, on other occasions when called upon.

Chris Leak-- TILT !!

I have an idea.

Now that our starting quarterback has been knocked around because of poor play-calling and incomprehensible stubbornness, let's announce to one of our "nemesis" opponents exactly what kind of offensive strategy we're going to use.
If they have any doubt as to our sincerity, let's show them the "game tape" of Adrian Mcpherson's first start against Winnipeg last year...where he "stayed within himself" "didn't try to do too much" and "get the ball to their play-makers". Then we'll start a quarterback who...unlike McPherson, has had exactly zero pro ball experience (assuming you count AD's time in the Arena League as "pro experience"....I do...but I've actually watched Arena ball exactly so I could make that call).

From the first swing-pass to Cobourne in the flats everyone KNEW the coaching staff wasn't kidding. BC sat back knowing the Alouettes had a collar (noose?) around the young QB's neck. The result? 3 measly points in the 1st half...with Cobourne running 4 times (OK I'm HOT after the loss and may be a little off stats wise).

The second half was even more creative....let's run the ball every first down. Geez they surely won't be expecting THAT. So what happens when you put a young quarterback in 2nd and long during an entire drive? Yep...he throws an interception...wow SURPRISE surprise (please insert Gomer Pyle inflection here).

Right...so with the game slipping away it's time to get the young QB to start throwing down the field...they'll never expect THAT. What? More interceptions and a fumble? Man...Chris Leak is a bum....not.

OK...I'm a HUGE Adrian McPherson fan. If anyone wins from this game it's AD. And while McPherson had the raw talent to impress despite gross mismanagement and horrible game planning....you gotta call it straight: Trestman and the boys COMPLETELY blew this game.

Sure Santos came in and played well. They actually let him be a quarterback. Like all those "blowouts" last year when McPherson came in under orders not to throw the ball...the Alouettes seem determined to neuter, undermine and destroy their young QB talent.

Why? Only God and Marc Trestman know for sure.

Whoa, way to completely write off a talented young QB based on one poor game. :roll: Because Anthony Calvillo certainly was EXACTLY the player he is today when he first broke into the league. :lol: Explains why the people of Hamilton treated him so well while he was there.

Seriously, Niagara, I don't know what your beef is with Leak, but to say that he won't ever amount to anything in the CFL after one subpar start in which the whole team pretty much failed to show up, including the coaches, is not only unfair to Leak but simply wrong-headed.

Again and again, fans are ridiculously quick to write off quarterbacks and pin losses only on their shoulders. Like the people booing Leak at Molson Stadium, people who obviously don't know football from a hole in the ground if they thought Leak was going to come in and impersonate Calvillo. This was Leak's first pro start ever. He actually did quite well in the first half but was sabotaged by poor coaching and some bad receiver drops (Richardson dropped two catchable balls, one that would have given us an early TD, another that would have gotten us very close to a first down). Sure, he threw the picks and the fumble, but Durant (whom you compared to Doug Flutie in another thread) and Burris have also been known to turn the ball over that frequently within a single game.

This offseason, we need to cut Lambert loose. He's a dead loss at center. Can't make protection calls at the line properly, can't run-block, is mediocre at pass-blocking, and snaps too high in shotgun most of the time. It's like we're playing a man short on most plays.

I have to admit....I'm frequently embarrassed by my Montreal brethren.

Whether it's the "bad winners" ditty (nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye) or the complete abandonment of the Montreal Expos (ironically known for years as "Nos Amours"), Montreal fans are often peevish, squabbling and spoiled.

And dare to question the "icon of the day", whether it's Marc Trestman, Anthony Calvillo, or to be topical, an increasingly overpaid underachiever like Carey Price.......spasmodic, foaming rabidism is the inevitable result.
And when the icon falls from his pedestal, "loyal" Montreal fans rip into him like a fish with fin-rot (an aquarium analogy...might not evoke imagery for everyone). :lol:

While I don't expect everyone (anyone?) to agree with my assessment of blame for tonight's embarrassment, it would be nice if Montreal fans would for once show a little class and cut a "rookie" quarterback some slack. Booing him for one loss is inexcusable.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Obviously I don't mean everyone...exceptions always prove the rule. The exceptional know who they are.

:thup: :thup: :thup: