Go Cats! - The Vancouver jinx ends tonight!

I understand that no team in the Eastern Time Zone has won a game in Vancouver in more than five years..... Wow, that's quite a statistic and poses a challenge. I think it's high time that streak ends starting tonight.

I believe the Ticats are up to the challenge and that wierd jinx stops this evening.

Have a great Game Day everyone !

Oskee Wee Wee! :rockin:

Excerpt from Canadian Press story:

[i]Winning at B.C. Place Stadium won't be easy.

The Lions hold a nine-game win streak over Hamilton. Adding to the challenge, no club from the Eastern time zone has won a game in Vancouver in more than five years.[/i]

[url=http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5iCGmQOdQcJpOlWmP7d-bdhUYFEsQ]http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadi ... -bdhUYFEsQ[/url]

I don't believe in jinxes or that statistical trends are inevitable.
Win or lose tonight ....it will because of individual effort (or lack of), good play calling (or lack of) motivation (or lack of) and making the most of opportunities.
I think BC can be had. They are not what they were a year ago.
We have better talent than last year on both sides of the ball so sometime soon it all needs to show as a team.
Maybe with all of the apparent odds against us tonight, this team will be motivated enough to surprise us with a win.

Please please just one win out in BC ...


Well, just as I called it, the 5 year jinx ended !

Awesome effort! :rockin:

Bring on the Blue Bombers!

You can't always be wrong, deerhunter

but I have got to hand it to you,

It takes a big man to say..I told you so.

Nothing better than saying "I told ya so" when our Ticats win, in spite of being huge underdogs :rockin: ......Huge kudos also to Porter, Cobb and the entire team for really stepping up and making Hamilton proud.

Had the recorder going for after the first quarter

Then Mark Messier "shows up" with his PLAYS commercial..... "betcha can't watch just one!!!!"
Then you end up watching the whole game!!!

Congrats to everyone for greater than great efforts... trust me, the time difference does get to you.

Carry on!!!!