Go Cat's Go....

Moreno was not having a big impact this year at MLB.
Obie's no fool. Improvment is needed at MLB.We really could have used Canada or a reasonable facsimile but it wasn't in the cards. Right now the D-line is our biggest problem area.As far as Zeke goes, he seemed slower this year and his pass coverage suffered because of it. Great guy, wish him the best. :cowboy:

Who did they replace him with? Nobody. We do this all the time. Just like DJ Flick wasn't going to make the team with all the "new young talent" they brought in last year. NOt one of them made any impact or are still on the team!!!!!!!!!!

I get more angry with every post on this subject! :twisted:

He was leading the league in tackles - so he might not have been having a "BIG" impact year, but he is still an All-Star, in which we got major question marks, and a bag of footballs in return. Complete joke of a trade. This franchise is being run into the ground.

leading the league in tackles is good if your defense is at or near the top in some or most defensive categores. When your team is 2-8 and your defense is last in most defensive categories leading the league in tackles does not mean you are having an impact at your position.

I submit that if Botteril or Anthony or whomever else started the year at MLB instead of Zeke they would likely be in the top 3 if not leading the league in tackles as well....does that make them an All-Star....I don't think so.

Stats are so misleading. The defense that Zeke was leading the league in tackles therefore is was playing well is just not accurate.

Zeke seemed to be getting pushed around a lot and beat often one-on-one which did not happend much last year. Was it because of the new defensive system or because of Zeke himself, who knows...I don't know. It doesn't matter though, if he's not getting it done and he's not happy then trading him/letting him go is inevitable.

Stop crying over spilled milk here people, time to move on. I enjoyed Zeke while he was here, I appreciate how he played, but, he is gone...on with life.

What a soap opera this team is.....just like it's fans unfortunately.

buckwheat: Zeke was forced to fit in with Creehan's "system" this season which ended his "Zeke and destroy" role. No wonder he was not having a big impact.
So...if we end up with a new DC as expected and the replacement wants to work with each player's strengths,we have lost a heck of a MLB.
This trade was either very short-sighted or done with the knowledge that Zeke was fed up and wanted out. My guess is Zeke wanted out.

IMO, Obie did the trade to to back up his D.C.
because Zeke didn't like conforming to his system
and this created some degree of friction between them.

"I can speculate all I want," Moreno told the Spec yesterday.

"I don't want to be quick to judge, but

[i]certain people weren't fighting for me

[/i] in Hamilton.

You have to go where you're wanted
and Winnipeg wanted me....

"With the new system this year,
I know the transition was slow

under (Denny) Creehan's new system,

but I think I was OK.

I don't know if they weren't
happy with my production,

but I think I was OK,

my statistics speak for themselves."

Ron, how do you feel about the reasoning and the decision?