Go Bombers!

Time for an upset! :smiley:

Zabransky's lookin pretty Ordinary so far!..

different game when you are playing a team with a defense hey?? haha

I hate to admit this but it just goes to show you how much better the Bombers defense is right now than the Riders...


awwwww Poor Zabransky... throws ANOTHER INT!... :lol:

Why is this titled the "Bombers at Eskimos Game Thread"? Wouldn't a much more honest title be "cflisthebest is looking for a reason to hate Jared Zabransky"?

oh shut up.

Can't handle the truth, buddy?

You can go back to talking to yourself then.

well, he has already thrown 2 picks and they haven't done much except this last drive so... go figure.

here I was thinking the Esks were going to have an easy time here.

I'm telling you both QB's haven't exactly looked all that good so far.

I believe that if Ray wasn't hurt and he was playing, they could possibly be leading this thing..

Difference from last week to this week though is that the Bombers Defense actually has shown up!

It's his second career start! Do you not get that? What do you expect from him? Your hatred of the guy is irrational.

Go for it.

Of course they don’t. They’re making their second and first career starts. What do you expect, Dave Dickenson versus Anthony Calvillo?

Shouldn't have gone for it.

cause everyone in the first game were so impressed and thought he was so great!..

when he was playing a team with no heart and no drive!

now he's playing a team with a good defense and they have shut him down..

he's showing his true colors.

would you shut the F up?

I was making an observation buddy. give it a rest now.

So is his hatred of the Eskimos... and wouldn't you know it, Zabransky is QBing for the Eskimos. Makes perfect sense to me. :wink:

Anyway, I'm a little tardy. What'd I miss? Is our O-Line getting eating alive again? :?

both teams have not been able to get anything done.

Edmonton has looked pretty sad , but so has Winnipeg.

The Bombers got stopped on a 3rd and goal on the 1 and again on another 3rd down gamble.

Zabransky has thrown 2 INT's and they gave up another on their own 3rd down gamble.

this game has looked pretty sub par.

this game is starting to look like an NFL game...


Shouldn't have gone for it.

nope! but the Bombers should have made a better effort on the Goal line. that was a pathetic try.

i'd like to see Maas start the second half if we don't get a TD on this final drive.