Go Bold in 2021

Whenever we get around to playing again, there is an opportunity to tinker with the League logo. Or, in my view...finish it. I see that the quasi-oval football shape used in the logo has a bold line border outline when they launched the Grey Cup Unite logo.

Why not incorporate permanently a black border around the actual CFL logo? It's a subtle change to make a bold statement. Pardon the pun. To me, it would make the logo more complete and in a way the black line ties into the old CFL helmet logo. Not too dissimilar to when the NHL tweaked their logo after their cancelled season.


The maple leaf needs to be bigger and whole.

Would prefer an updated version of the helmet logo.

Part of me prefers an updated version of the helmet logo, too. But, I suspect a lot of the imagery now centres around the oval (it's used in Grey Cup logos, etc.).

I say change the grey to red with white font and yes a larger maple leaf. Don't care about going back to the helmet logo

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I think the maple leaf should've been larger to begin with, but I like how the bottom of the leaf curves to match the bottom of the logo.

Having said that, I don't think it's time to change it. Maybe in another 5-10 years they can tweak it.