Go Blue Bombers!

Tonight I am a Blue Bombers fan. I'm not thinking about the standings or rivalries or anything else...

Tonight none of that matters.

Go Blue Bombers!


I understand you mentioned you don't care about standings but...

A Blue Bomber loss and a Hamilton win puts us in second place only due to season series tie-breaker. A Winnipeg and Hamilton win puts us a game back plus the tie-breaker. When its east vs. west I always want the points going west when its not Hamilton. That makes things easier for us.

Because today I don't care about that.

Football is a game. Sometimes we (including myself) forget that.

Watching the pregame tribute for Mr. Harris, players from both teams were standing side by side during the presentation and shook hands after it was over.

I think they understood you too, Rusty!!

yes i agree totoally at the end of the season if u lose the seasons over but theres next year these bombers are playing with a heavy heart so buck up do the man proud and go win one for ur coach

I can honestly say for the first time I am not unhappy about a Bomber win. That pre-game tribute was both fitting and beautiful. Classy of the Lions to wear the RH and stand side-by-side with the Bombers. It's clear he really was the great man everyone says he was.