never said that before...but nothing would be better than seeing the riders get dominated by the als this sunday. but would that even humble them at all? im guessing prolly not. GO ALS GO

Y'er a pretty jealous kid, eh?

umm no jealous is not it at all...i despise the riders more than any team in pro sports...i will also have you notice what forum you are in so keep the insults to yourself thanks :slight_smile:

Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I fail to see how Artie's comment is an insult.

…artie’s pretty good Jakob, I wouldn’t be so thick-skinned with him…besides, he probably despises cflisthebest more than you do, who knows?, you could become life-long friends over just that…

i apologize i think i was just a little defensive after whats his name was being a dink earlier i apologize to artie but would like to point out that jealousy has nothing to do with my decision not to cheer for the riders :thup:

I'm sort of torn. The Riders are my third favourite team, but at the same time, I'd like to see Montreal win it for once. :lol:

lol and maybe...just maybe if ac wins it he will finally retire :lol: lol one can wish...not that i dont have respect for the guy im just tired of him beating everyone up LOL

So things are looking like the ALS could very well be in the greycup... Again. That's if they don't get Too cozy in the stretch. I was sad they moved ahead of the stamps in the power rankings. The records are identical! Even lost to the same teams and split the season series. And the point difference is very similar. So I was thinking.... I was very sad last yearsthe stamps couldn't get there at home. But just as sweet would be if the stamps could win the big game against the ALS in the home of our provincial rivals. The stamps using that brand new dressing room as theirs... I like it! I know the stamps have lots of ball left but it doesn't hurt to dream. Pay Back the esks for then winning in Calgary in 93 I think it was