Go Ahead and Laugh

Ebell out for season, per TSN

Argos make a trade for a running back, he's now out after first practice.

I hope even the most "difficult" posters would not laugh at that. That's really too bad.

well looks like we have an edge on you guys in one aspect of the game.

I'd like to think that we are classy enough to only laugh at the organization as a whole, and NOT laugh at a season ending injury

well looks like we have an edge on you guys in one aspect of the game.
Actually 2.

Setta vs. Vanderjagt.
Setta was the Eastern Conference's Most Outstanding Rookie.
Vanderjagt on the other hand hasn't played in two years...

Make it 3. Moreno over OShea.

I can't imagine Cats fans laughing at Ebell's expense. We're talking about a 25 year old guy's career being in jeopardy. It's really sad.

Today's his birthday too.

An Argo-Cat fan

I smiled...no laughing.

I heard their coach say about 1 week ago that he wanted to have a back stay healthy for the whole season.
Well one practice is close.

The RB does get paid or the year at least.

I hope people don't laugh at people's injuries.

As much as it’s fun to see the blue team suffer misfortune, I don’t think this is the type of misfortune we want or like. Too bad for Ebell, I hope he has a quick and easy recovery.

I also help Ebell recovers fully. Freak accidents on artificial turf/field turf surfaces have happened far too often, particularly to running backs. One cut goes wrong and BOOM, end of season!

We shall see how the Blue Team handles this setback.

Oski Wee Wee,

Then why make such an accusatory post?

It could easily happen to one of our guys.

8) The Argos have made a trade with Sask. and Toronto has obtained RB Jamal Robertson to bolster their running game !!!!

A torn ackeles is nothing to laugh about, even when one is wearing the Blue uniform.

Why not give Andre Durie the nod if he performs well in training camp and have Johnson or Dorsey back him up?

Good point......very contradictory of me.


Too bad for Ebell.. I wish him a good road to recovery.

I bet the blue team will try to get Davis back now.

Where is Corey holmes? he is probably the best back available. The blue team is running thin on offensive weapons.

Holmes is still listed as a free agent on CFL.ca, as you can see if you click here. I thought that the Riders, after cutting him in January, would look to bring him back at a lower salary. He was not quite worth whatever he was getting paid after that contract he signed when he was here. He could still contribute, but I don't know if the blue team has enough cap space to bring him in. That was why I thought that Anthony Davis, who was cut shortly after Ebell was acquired, might have been brought back. But it looks like the blue team already acquired another RB, according to the TSN article you can read if you click here.

Here is a quote from the article:

Later on Thursday, the Argos acquired running back Jamal Robertson from Saskatchewan for Canadian cornerback Leron Mitchell, a former Western Mustangs star who this off-season had a workout with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

Greg Mohns, the Argos assistant general manager, said the deal was a direct result of Ebell's injury but that the five-foot-10, 218-pound Ohio Northern grad brings a different element to Toronto's offence.

So I suppose that answers the question about how the blue team will do about this injury. But it was also said in the article that Dorsey could be the starting RB there.

This is actually the second player recently acquired by the blue team who will be out with an injury for a while. And I would also like to say that I don't wish injuries, especially serious injuries, on anyone on that team, and so I am certainly not laughing either.

Sadly, TOFAN the only person I laugh at is you for believing for a single second that any ticat fan would wish that kind of misfortune on an opposing team led alone a promising RB.

Although we do seem to despise each other on the field (Barneyfife excluded :stuck_out_tongue:), I do believe it is in good nature (at least from a personal standpoint). In the end we're all uniting in the same common belief, that is strong and united CFL.

Best Wishes to Ebell for a speedy recovery.

Thank you!!!

An Argo-Cat fan