Go Adrian Go!!!

Well from all reports, Adrian is getting the start in Hamilton on Saturday.

My concern, which is exactly the same concern I had with Chris, is that he hasn't been under center in any meaningful way for a long, long, time. Also, he is coming off an ACL injury which has been known to end more than one career. One of Adrian's assets is his mobility. With AC apparently not suiting up and with Leak still apparently bothered, the QB depth chart is very shallow. Who's left? Maypray? Brouillette?

So, for all of you diehard AM fans out there, you'll get to see your hero. I certainly hope that the veterans will step up and make plays; that will certainly make life easier.

Go Adrian go!!!

Si McPherson commence le match, j'espère qu'il aura un meilleur appui que celui que Leak a eu, parce que les secondeurs des Tiger Cats forment un solide escadron.

J'espère aussi que les entraîneurs vont trouver une façon de plus diversifier l'attaque des Alouettes que lors de la partie contre les Lions. C'était pas beau à voir.

J'ai confiance que McPherson ne fera pas mauvaise figure et s'il est rétabli, c'est une bonne chose de le faire jouer aussi. Il est notre quart numéro 2 et il a montré de belles capacités. Il faut qu'il voie du jeu pour acquérir son expérience propre.

Après ce qu'on a vu de Santos contre des Lions crinqués, on peut se demander si finalement ce gars-là a pas l'étoffe d'un numéro 2 aussi.

Mais j'ai hâte de revoir Adrian nous montrer ce dont il est capable. Il avait bien fait contre Hamilton l'an dernier. Mais c'était l'an dernier...

Vas-y, Adrian!

On the edge of my seat for this one.

Adrian says he's been more or less ready for a couple weeks now.
Hope so.
But as much as the Alouettes need him in there....he's been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, adding to his splinter collection, drooling for his chance to start. I really hope this hasn't clouded his judgment about how healthy he REALLY is.

Watching Buck Pierce last week....a quarterback I've always admired...both for his talent and his heart...I have to wonder if that dislocated elbow would have happened at all if he'd had full mobility...if he hadn't been rushed into service. Hell, he was limping around the field, getting chased down by defensive linemen.

I'm definitely pulling for Adrian and the Alouettes on Saturday. Throw the FULL playbook at the Ticats, let Adrian do his thing...and with any luck....we'll still be in first by the time Anthony gets back in.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Go ALS GO!!!

I share the same enthousiasm (and fear!) for this one, Senior!

The Als this season have been hit by a number of things, the latest of which is injuries to our pivots. On the O-line, they are still trying to figure things out. Result? AC has been flat on his back a number of times - and injured! The other thing is that the veterans let us down with Leak at the helm last week - dropped passes, missed assignments...

I hope that running game gets into gear with either Cobourne or Whitaker. This almost inevitably helps the pass game because the DHs and D-line has to respect that. Do they hold contain or rush? That momentary hesitation is just what the QB needs to make his read. The secondary has left more than a little to be desired this year as well. For some reason, 2nd-and-long has become an issue and we are more vulnerable on deep routes.

However, if we keep Glenn running for his life, show some creativity on O, have a good mix of pass/run, and let Adrian do his thing, it will be an entertaining game.

In the worst case scenario, we share first with Hamilton after Saturday, In the best, we remain alone in first.

Go Als go!!

I missed the Labour day game between Calgary and Edmonton.
So I'm halfway through the 4th quarter and something occurs to me...
something that I think is relevant to the game on Saturday, even if it IS re-hashing old sentiments:

The Stamps put in their backup quarterback Drew Tate....mid way through the 3rd quarter....up by a ton and a half.
He's not even "under orders" to hand the ball off, even though Joffrey Reynolds is only 40 yds or so from the all-time rushing lead for the Stampeders.

TSN: "We would all like to see them hand the ball to Joffrey Reynolds...see if he could get that (the record)..."
"...bottom line being: Drew Tate's going to run the offense. The only way you start to say 'they're rubbing it in' or doing anything like that is if they're gambling on third and long and things like that. Drew Tate's going to go compete and run the offense and if Edmonton can't stop them, it's not Calgary's problem."

Trestman was given high marks by the same announcers for sportsmanship...not allowing his backups to throw the ball when coming in for the last few minutes in blowout wins last year....hell he even ran on 3rd down rather than kick a field goal. At the time I remember commenting how foolish this was....how this is a tough sport and all this "touchy-feely" nonsense is out of place. Remember the Lions mewling when McPherson threw that ONE pass to the endzone up by a bunch?

So here we are, with Calvillo on the sidelines. One backup with absolutely zero experience was pummeled last week...oh yah...BC Lions were feeling real Zen while they messed with Chris Leak. Now Adrian McPherson comes in, I hope and pray he's healthy enough to stay that way.

But damnation...he surely would be better prepared to take this challenge on if he'd actually played as much as Drew Tate just did....in all those blowouts last year. Remembering that McPherson was 3 for 6 for 11 yards and 2 touchdowns when he finally came into that Hamilton game last year, after Calvillo injured his calf. Six passes total by week 16!!! Criminal. He performed amazingly well, considering.

For a head coach who's specialty is supposed to be managing quarterbacks...I've been less than impressed with Trestman on this one.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Well, I'll join the "rehashing old sentiments" team as I have been harping on exactly the same thing since I joined this forum. The only way to prepare backup QBs is to actually let them play, i.e. with the entire playbook!

Correction on that one! there are actually three possibilities:

A. Als win - alone in 1st place;
B. Als lose - tied with Ticats for 1st place (with an Argo loss to BC): and
C. Als lose - tied with Ticats and Argos for 1st place (with an Argo win against BC).

I think that's right. So, it won't be an absolute disaster if the Als lose on Saturday, but no Als' fan wants that. To be sure, it's going to be a shoot-out for 1st place in the East this season with much-improved Ticats and Argos teams. This makes it more interesting and the league more competitive. Every game from here to the end, therefore, will be meaningful. If our backup QBs need to start more games, they will have to have the entire playbook to work from, and all our veterans will have to show up for work.

I hope McPherson and the whole team come out with fire in the nostrils and go for the jugular on Saturday.

Go Als go!

Well, I'll be recording the Als' game today as my loyalties are divided between the Als and ND. I'm a big ND fan, even though they haven't done much in recent seasons. To me, football is an event, not just a game! The Friday night pep rally, the band, the cheerleaders, the tailgate party, the half-time show, a crowded stadium, all the hoopla... Other sports have games - football is a "happening". That is precisely why I love football.

We've seen that to some extent in Montreal and more so in Regina but I see empty upper decks on a regular basis in TO and Vancouver - why? One thing I'll give Americans - they absolutely love their football and have a sense of "family" where it comes to their local team - NFL, NCAA, or HS. The almuni are very much involved in supporting their teams both financially and in the stands. Sigh! I wish we had that kind of loyalty and enthusiasm here. The only place in Canada that comes close to that, I believe, is Regina.

So, this is a great time of year for me!