GM Search May be over soon

Just watch CH Bubba Said He Talk to Scott Tonight.
Said He down Two People left for The Job

We could see an Announcement Any Day now

My guess is Obie.

A little old for my liking. That being said, he's doing a great job in BC and may be able to lure some talent away from there (i.e. Simon, O-Linemen, Phillips, etc).

Unless I missed something, Bubba said that there were only two candidates left but only mentioned Obie and said he was coming back for a second interview. Said two had been ruled out of the original four. Wonder who the other is?

O'Billovich was born in 1940 and Marv Levy of the Bills whom they brought back recently was born in 1925. So I certainly don't this Obie is too old from this perspective anyway.

67 is sounding younger every day.

I heard rumours that Russ aka oski oui oui from our very own forum has an interview with the kitty cats brass

I doubt that very much. Bob specificaly said he wants someone with CFL GM experience. Still curious to see who the other guy is ...


ooo(perhaps I should send Bob my new cell number?) :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:)

Be sure of this: I would even hire a 167-year-old to handle the business issues. LOL

Seriously though, I hope Obie gets the job. Otherwise, Mike McCarthy would e a solid second choice.

Oski Wee Wee,

:? :roll: :( :) :o :D

That's it! Ron would be my assistant G.M. in charge of syntax and diction. :smiley: :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:)

Oskieth Wee Wee,

I am Pretty Shure it Obie :slight_smile:
Now I hope Smart and Keeps Charlie

Mitchell will name himself GM like he always wanted!

Yawn....Yes over

This just in from Metro's own, and Tiger-Cat favourite Marty York!


"In the CFL, the Blue Bombers refused to give general manager Brendan Taman permission to become GM in Hamilton, but the Tiger-Cats hope to change the minds of Winnipeg’s bosses by offering them a player or two and/or cash. If Taman doesn’t end up in Hamilton, look for B.C. Lions executive Bob O’Billovich to get the job soon."

Is the compensation the reason why Scott Mitchell is over his self imposed deadline?

Like sands through the hourglass ... So are the days of our lives ...

  • paul

Ahhh the Metro. Such a reliable source. Marty fell from the likes of and Sportsnet to the Metro.

The source is reliable, it's the writer that has the questionable sources.

And that's the truth, I have an inside source at Metro who spoke to me on a condition of anonymity.

  • paul

Why would we give up anything for Tanman
has he won a Grey cup?
He just a Flash in the Pan. IMO

He not worth 1 player or Cash.

Just bring in Obie and be done with it.

Is Obie a long term solution though?

Not a looooong term solution, to be sure, but it's not like the GM has to run sprints.

A three or four year guy, if effective, is good enough. There's a much greater margin for error in replacing a GM in a solid, functioning organization, which is what we will be if Mitchell gets the right guy and gives him room to operate.

Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been a ticat fan forever and always will be. Tell me it isn't so that Mitchell would be willing to give up a couple of players for Tamen. Who would they be? A Canadian reciever,a running back, a kicker?