GM residing year round

Should a GM live in town year round?

My take is yes. What other multi-million dollar business permits their CEO to tele-commute from afar. The GM is the face of the franchise in the off season and their work is at its most intense often during that time.

Buono-lives year round in Lower Mainland
Popp: lived year round in Montreal until 2 years ago. Moved to North Carolina full time 2 years ago and team has suffered.
Joe Mack: disappears home in off season.
Hufnagel:Believes he lives in Calgary year round
Hervey: lives in Edmonton
Taman: lives in Regina
Barker: believe he lives in Toronto but not sure
Austin: not sure.

In the off season, most of the players have gone back home and they can do their work from any where . Not a big deal, Mack can stay in the States , all he would like :lol:

I guess it depends how their job is defined. If they have a number of employees answering to them I think they should but if the organization is structured that the full time staff answers to a Business President than its not a necessity. With call logs, expense reports, credit card reports and Server monitoring tools an owner/President can pretty much see the level of “activity down to the minute if he wants”. Popp did mention that many some football people are now asking for the same privileges he’s getting.


I'm sure they are. who wouldn't if one wanted lack of presence and accountability.? Doesn't mean its a good model. I don't think it has worked well in Montreal. Quite the opposite I'd say.

As long as the job is getting done, they can live wherever they want in my opinion.
Much of the recruiting comes from south of the border. Canadian talent plays until end of November which coincides pretty much with the CFL season when GM's are in their respective cities.

To me, a GM should live in his team's city year-round. Telecommuting is fine but there are limits to its effectiveness. The GM is one of the faces of the franchise, and it doesn't say great things about the franchise if he goes south of the border when the season ends.

or you could do what Roy Shivers did... micromanage your team from Vegas!

During the season , absolutely . But in January , what is the advantage of a GM being in the city? Not like , people are all jacked up on seeing a GM of a CFL team . They are usually scouting in the south and networking on bringing talent in with their scouts and coaches .

I was under the impression that Popp split his time between Montreal and North Carolina for a number of years prior to that. I also believe it has been said Barker lives in Calgary during the off-season. Some of Hufnagel's bios say he lives in Calgary and Jacksonville. Seems likely Austin will be in Ithaca for at least part of the off-season since that's where at least one of his kids goes to school. Regarding Joe Mack, stop believing what the Winnipeg print media says because he spends a LOT more time in Winnipeg than they imply (ie he's at most practices and games; he's in Winnipeg for weeks after the season ends; he's in Winnipeg around FA time; he's in Winnipeg when preparing for the draft and when he's not in Winnipeg he does a lot of scouting).