GM Desjardins on Kahlil Hill's release (Tuesday Spectator)

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8) Obviously Hill had been reading some of the glowing accolades written about him on this site, and actually believed he was a superstar and our saviour !!!! Good riddance to him, and good for Marcel for taking quick action and releasing him immediately !!! Hill had no respect for his teammates or the fans of this team !!!! Another "joke" bites the dust !!!!!

If Hill was deemed as undisciplined for missing a flight ,a team meeting and maybe it could be added going AWOL after his NFL tryout,then itwas right to cut him.

We need discipline on this team,no I in team and all that.

I'm a Hill fan ,but he seemed to be a little upset at the way things were going for him here ,and I'm saying that based on watching him after his big return,he came to the bench,one coach came out and congratulted him ,then you could see Hill mutter something along with a dirty look towrds "someone else"....if you read faces and lips that is ,also if you stayed home to watch the second half only on TSN due to work calling ,like I did.

It must of had to be done ,you can't have attitude like that on a TEAM.
By attitude I mean missing a flight ;meeting ; being AWOL and the other contract demands while not playing with a minor injury...

Bye Bye and don't let the door hit you on the a$$ when your going !!
Don't forget your mirror so you can kiss yourself with it !!

Good it is refreshing to see the team handle such subbordant behaviour, we don't need you that badly Hill, Bye Bye !! Make room for someone who wants to play by the rules.

Its funny but if this was the NFL it would be in the papers and they would track him down and it would become a story . It would go back and forth between the team and the player and eventually he`s be back in the lineup . Same thing with guys who break the law , all they care about inthe NFL is winning and making meoney .

I`ll bet Hill has been pampered his whole life and alot of people have been telling him how great he is and now he believes it . Well, what the heck is he gonna do now ??

As much as id love to see him on the field here ( he may have become our Geroy Simon ) we cant put up with this and well have to look for another guy to give us THE THRILL !!!! I pray no other team in the CFL picks him up because I know thier thinking about it .

Bet you the Bombers pick him up ,they seem to bottom feed on all our cast offs ,no offence,and this is their big chance to play at home in the Grey Cup.

I'm impressed. Looks like Desjardins is his own man which is a very good sign for the team because I have a feeling some hard decisions regarding personnel will be coming up.

And I hope fans aren't too disppointed that Hill is gone. Maybe he would've turned out to be a good player and maybe not. But the CFL's unemployment line is full of guys who showed a few flashes here and there early on but didn't really amount to much in the end.

An Argo fan

Well here we go agian. let me point out that it is the cfl that takes all of the nfl' s criminals and rejects. they are about winning? maybe we should be about winning lets not forget that it is the nfl that does drug testing ie. ricky williams. cfl does not. trust me it would be very scary if the cfl implemented this policy. hill must have a attitude problem which may have been a contributing factor to why he is in the cfl but to use this incident so you can rant about the nfl is laughable.

Good job Marcel in releasing our best receiver, what are you going to do for an oncore? Resign Maas who has major shoulder and back problems to a 10 year contract.

Great transaction. No time or need for people who are unable or incapable of being part of the team.

Our best reciever?

One thing we're lacking is discipline it seems .

You can't have an apparant poor attitude on an already undisciplined on the field anyway, TEAM!

As to who is our best reciever ,Flick and Peterson qualify.

I'm a Hill fan ,but maybe we on this site rave too much about some players (as mentioned by somene else) and they trip on their heads as a result....?

I have to say I stand behind this decision 100%. It's about time we stopped taking crap from cry babies who think they are bigger than the team. He made it MORE than clear that he wasn't too interested in being here. He disappeared until the very last minute, missed the flight to EDM and decided not to show for practice. He could have taken the high road and played out the last TWO games of the season and he would have been free to go wherever he wanted next year, but he was too much of an ego-maniac to do that. Buh-bye.

We found him, we'll find others.

Perhaps he'll buy you a dictionary....

what is an oncore anyway? i have to admit i am interested to know.

It's the opposite of an "offcore"... :smiley:


Bad boy Belli was to bad for Ham but OK for the Als and Marcel back then. Most teams have bad boys but figure out how to handle them. A lot of good players have head problems good fans. There not all sweet loving nice guys like Ron.

I don't see what's to rave about here, getting rid of talent instead of working out Hill's issues is not a way to build a football team.

If I was Marcel I'd have an extensive physical done on Maas to determine the extent of his injuries, then release him if there are any injuries that will never fully heal.

Are you a robot? You only unstand words that are spelled right? If someone wrote u instead of you, you wouldn't comprehend?

"Bad boy Belli" took bonehead penalties that killed us but he didn't miss a plane to a game and just not show up for practice. Huge difference. There's no fixing someone who doesn't want to be here and just decides not to show up. You can't count on a guy like that.