GM decisions

Does anyone care to recall that once we owned the rights to Kerry Joseph and traded him for Cory Holmes. WE HAD A QUARTERBACK...who is ideal for this league instead of a backup who cant really throw the ball and drops it for no apparent reason inside the 10 on a consistant basis.
Now we have no legit option at QB and no Cory Holmes...and even when he was here he was ignored. This team is not well coached or managed. To continue to watch this is killing my passion for my beloved Cats...FIX IT now BOB!!!!!!!!!

What’s done is done, don’t look back unless you’re going there.

In life...i agree o wish one...but alas in football GM's are fired for their past decisions and coaches for their past games

Do remember that it was not Marcel that made the trade. With that said I remember a lot more people wanted to see Armstead drafted first instead of Joseph. Also, I remember that many approved the original trade for Holmes especially seeing how Jesse wasn’t back yet.