GM before GC?

i'm not sure how much stock to put into zamperin's words. first he says that SM wants his guy in place before GC- maybe SM is banking on his "first choice" to be eliminated tomorrow-(winnipeg, taman).
he goes on to say his 3 top candidates are "a rita from t.o., mohns from BC? mohns is in t.o.
i thought following the cats and league that close he would know mohns is in t.o. too. he didn't even say obee.,isn't obee considered by everyone to be a top guy?
if BT is the top choice, do talks start monday to get him?

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Mitchell has no interest in Rider GM material. So talks will start Monday with either Taman, Popp, Barker or Higgins.

But we can rule Popp out because he bad-mouthed Mitchell in the press recently.

Two weeks from now, Obie, Rita and Mohns will have their chance to interview, one would think.

I think if we landed Taman, Barker or Obie, it would be a step in the right direction.

Honestly, I hate Taman, (because I REALLY hate the Bombers), but he has discovered some great talent for the Peg. Especially guys like Canada and Walls. So maybe he could restock our team with quality imports quickly.

And I probably hate Rita and Mohns even more, because the Argos are the Argos. But I think it does make sense to hire a GM away from a team in the East to simultaneously make them weaker, and us stronger.

But the most intriguing question is: would any of the guys mentioned above want to keep Taafe around to coach? And if not, who would they hire in his place?

Didn’t Taman sign a contract extension with Winnipeg last year? If so it would have to have been for more than one year. Maybe there is a clause in it that allows him to go to other GM jobs after a year or so.
Taman has a heck of record getting top talent signed. He’s still young. Looks like a guy who could really help this team.

I Rather Wait for Obie

i really wouldn't be surprised if they named BT days after wpg loses to t.o. next week. shortly after that,i'll say that there will be another new marshall
in town, we'll be under marshall law,etc.

i'm not sure of the connection, how he has become the first choice but if he is, it's a great choice, he's still young and has alot of piss and vinegar in him-he'll be great for the cats.however, he is pretty easy going and i could also see him give chuck another chance.

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Good question sackattack
i dont really know any of these candidates too well but are they the kind of guys who want their own people on the coaching staff (as I assume most GMs are and should be) or will they mind giving Taafe another year to prove something

p.s. - is Mitchell allowed to talk to people still under contract with other teams - through the asking permission process

In the NFL, the convention is to allow prospective candidates speak to potential suitors either on a prescribed off-day or -- as is the fashion -- the pre-Super Bowl off-week (the first week of the two between the finals and the SB) in the case of candidates whose teams are still involved in the hunt.

I would hope Mitchell will spend a week to ten days at least to speak to O'Billovich and whoever else may be an "A-list" candidate under contact with other teams after the Grey Cup is concluded. This hire has to be done right.

Oski Wee Wee,