Gloves are off now. Sinclair calls Kelly a Knucklehead

Gord Sinclair is not exactly Paul Friessen, very powerful column by Gord. Reading the reactions to the article. Kelly really needs to get his offense going real quick...

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Your right, much worse .

It is pretty clear now that Kelly and the Winnipeg media want a showdown. I can't think of anyone that's won one of these over the media. I think it will end like the Popp saga in Montreal. At season's end Bauer will tell the press that Kelly's portfolio is being reduced an he will introduce a new GM. Murphy will likely be getting his letter.

no offence Hfxtc but Sinclair normally writes about kittens stuck in trees etc… he’s not exactly known as a hard hitting sports reporter. If I’m Kelly I’m more concerned that Randy Turner’s turned on him completely. That said, I still think Kelly’s got the season to prove he belongs. Nothing’s going to happen with him until Asper takes over the club. At that point, depending on the shape the Bombers are in they may look at cleaning house.

The Popp analogy is pretty interesting by the way. That was pretty much the only time in the last 10 years that Montreal looked like a team in decline. Granted Cavillo didn’t play half the season which alone contributed greatly to their decline. The big difference is Popp was a proven GM and could fall back on that. Kelly doesn’t have that luxury.

Back to the Bombers though, I think even you can admit that if they win this weekend things don’t actually look all that bad for the Big Blue going into the final 9 given all the front page headlines this team has produced so far this year :smiley:

Pretty good piece, quite factual compared to what Friesen comes up with.

The last thing the media in Winnipeg wants is to see their little community club actually shut them out.

When Bob turns on Kelly , then you know things have gone off the deep end. Untill then all is good as long as the Bombers are headed in the right direction. The players love him and that's all that counts. Who cares what some bitter dead beat sports writer thinks. Friesen is has beeen on Kelly from day one. He has a axe to grind and it's awful he is allowed to do it on a dailey basis. The majority is tired of his act.

The thing that bugs me the most is how often the media only tells half the story. Two examples based on what Sinclair wrote:

  1. The media showed or wrote about the "it's been handled internally" thing over and over again but how many of those reports mentioned that Ross Hodgkinson had just finished talking with the media on the same subject moments before Kelly arrived at the press conference. I really don't know what Kelly could have added that was any different from what Hodgkinson had already said so when Kelly said wasn't going to talk about it why ask him the same question over and over again.

  2. The media blasts the Bombers for cutting LeFors salary but not a peep about Banks' salary cut in Montreal the year before.

As for Sinclair, I wouldn't be surprised if Monday was the first time he had ever listened to The Mike Kelly Show. Sinclair certainly makes assumptions based on nothing. Did Bob Irving or CJOB say at any point that Mike Kelly chooses the questions he is asked? NO! The questions are emailed to Bob Irving. Those on location give their questions to Bob Irving. That would seem to indicate that it is Bob Irving choosing the questions. Regarding the other call-in shows he mentioned, I've never listened to the mayor's, the police chief's or the premier's call-in shows so I have no idea whether any of their callers are as abusive as some of Kelly's. I doubt it as CFRW probably actually screens calls. As for Sinclair's comments regarding the circus surrounding Jones, the Bombers (including John Murphy) never said Jones had been signed to a contract. The original SI story said an "agreement in principle" had been reached and that isn't the same thing. After the SI piece came out, the media and Jones fueled a frenzy that lots of fans got caught up in (myself included) despite the Bombers denying he had been signed.

Another thing that bothers me is how people are either labelled pro-Kelly or anti-Kelly with no in-between. I am one of those who is in-between. I think Mike Kelly is a good coach. I think he has made some good moves and some bad moves. I also think that half a season is not enough time to pronounce judgment.

Forgot this in my other post...

As for controlling the message, I bet if you asked any coach or GM in the league they would say they want to control the message. The team wants to be the one who is putting the information out there. Of course, what the fans and media do with the message is completely out of any team's control.

I dont know what to think of the media vs Kelly anymore,when Kelly made the "armpit of Canada"comment,did these same media ppl not love it and go along with it,then someone complained and they went that's not a good thing to say and turned?The BB's asked them not to ask certain questions or talk about certain stuff anymore cause its over,but they dont let up.

Watching the Fab BB show,and Ace asked the media (who looked like they were standing in a police line up lol) "what's the first thing you thought of when you heard they signed Pacman Jones"?

Gary Lawless-"will I loose my stool at Teaser's" Ace "YES'
Mitch Peacock-"Why?'
Jim Bender-"Why would they try and sign a repubate (big word for us BB fan's-lol-sp?) when there trying to get rid of guys like that" Ace "it is interesting"
Brian Munz-"Why not it's been intresting all year" Ace "Drama,it's about drama"
Shawn Churchill-"the song from the 80's Pacman Fever" Ace "Nice"
Paul Friesen-"just another day in Mike Kell's world"
Bob Irving-"His first name is Adam,and he has allot of issue's" Ace "thats an understatement"

Now I wonder what Kinda of questions some of these guys would have asked Jones had he come to Winnipeg?More then one of them would have loved it and would be kissing his butt.

I wonder what some of the BB thought of some of those answer's,cause a few of the BB's have had a run or two from the Law and a shady history,but seam to be doing alright now.

And if you happened to read the Sun yesterday,Friesen and Kirk Penton basically wrote the same story,but one seamed more professional then the other,Ill give you one guess as to who wrote the pro sounding one-lol

Now to go read Gordo's shtick.

The idea of bringing in Jones and Rogers made them look as stupid as the Argos, however the rest of the story is really dumb IMHO. Not taking the calls on the radio etc, and the other complaints about Kelly I think are a bit much, just my opinion. As far as Paul Friessen, he is just another loud obnoxious sports writer, the Steve Simmoms loudmouth of Winnipeg. Scott Taylor was the biggest A Hole that ever wrote about the CFL,perhaps Friessen wants to follow in his steps. Scott Taylor of the Winnipeg Free Press was not even a CFL fan, so you have to wonder about them all. Yes I know this article was by Sinclair, never heard of him until today.

Winning will shut them all up? No, they may well say, sure you won but we do not like how you won or something like that. Much of the Canadian Sports media would love nothing better than to see the CFL fold?

I think the media is sending Kelly and Bauer a message: Don't f... with our people (beat guys), don't intimidate them and we have more guys we can throw at you than our sports guys.

The comments from readers are also very strong in regards to Kelly's attitude.

Kelly doesn't care,his players are behind him and that's all that matters. The media here are just trying to sell newspaper and that's fine. But none of them ever coached or played the game, so they really have no idea .

And let's not forget, Paul Friesen's been a pain in the butt for the Bomber organization for years...

Remember the whole "Coach Berry, why won't you let Troy into the Stadium with a press pass" thing?

Your post says it all - especially these two items. I couldn't agree more!

I'd like to elaborate on the LeFors salary. I find it mind-boggling that this is even an issue. It has been "well reported" that Kelly has inherited some serious CAP issues. Bishop would not be here if LeFors did not take a cut. OR - Bishop would be here and LeFors would be gone! Taman deferred a massive amount of salaries/bonuses that count towards this years CAP (from what I have read - Stegall is still on payroll), and that is one of the reasons we saw such drastic changes and releases this year.

I'd also like to point out that the media LOVES THIS STUFF! Poke the bear with a stick to get another quote for tomorrows paper or broadcast. Sure - the bear dishes out some head shaking stuff, but the media is taken full advantage of it. They have found their #1 enemy and they love it!

Personally - I find it all incredibly entertaining, simply because Kelly does not care one little bit! He's becoming the Don Cherry of the CFL. Like him or not Don sold a lot of tickets in his day :cowboy:

Don Cherry was fired from his 1st gig and never employed again as a coach :roll:

Reference to the Banks comparison last year. The difference was that Trestman was squeequy clean at the time and the team was winning. So the Als got away with one. Kelly now has 10 guys with lice coumbs. I was gonna say in his hair :smiley: but maybe they are digging lower :oops:

In the end everything will depend on how this season goes. IMO the next 3 weeks are decisive. If they win 2/3 they are in the fight and the media will have to back off (for a while anyway) if he goes 0/3 and sits at 3 and 8 and they are out of it. The poking will turn to a lynching and a similar ending to Cherry for Kelly.

Minor correction. . . Cherry did get another coaching job after losing his gig in Boston. He then became the head coach of the late, not lamented, Colorado Rockies. . . before their move to New Jersey

I think Cherry did alright for himself !

Off topic, But Cherry coached in Colorado and Missasauga and was offered numerous coaching jobs in the NHL . He was smart enough to realize where the security and money is. Cherry was fired ,because Sinden didn’t like him, the fans,players and media loved him to death. Sinden didn’t like that.
You have to start getting your facts straight, it seems every post you make statements, that are not true.

I totaly forgot about that they need to sell papers,now I understand why they are the way they are :smiley: I havent bought a paper in over 3 year's,In this day of online sports new's,I really forgot the paper still exists and need's to make money.

....HERE'S THE DEAL......who cares what's written or said in the media....look where this last frenzy took over-hyped media can be partially to blame....The simple answer for Kelly will be to WIN....IF he does that,,, you will be surprised at how the media 'suddenly' has a change of heart and message....HOWEVER ....LOSE...and all of the naysayers will be vindicated and their first utterings will be....'told ya so'.,..Its up to Mike Kelly to get the BigBlue into the playoffs....solidly...anything short of that will be deemed a failure...Mike and the team have a steep climb... one Kelly has forged for himself....There's gonna be a lot of wide-eyed fans from now until the end of the year just watching and waiting to see which way this season is going to go....The schedule is a little kinder than the first half...with more home games and local witnesses .... Should be interesting... :wink: