Gloves are Off Now 2: Glenstrom calls Kelly "Clueless Clown"

Another reporter outright calling Kelly hiring a mistake...How far is this going to go. They aren't even bothering with being subtle anymore.

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I think that's yet to be seen and I don't like Kelly at all so... yeah.
He may succeed, he may flop, who knows we're only at labour day.

If anyones a clown it's these editors.

I think Im the clueless clown,who is Kevin Engstrom?

I would rather be 3 and 5 and have ppl talking football and about the Shrine Circus,then have the boring Berry back and a 2 and 6 record wondering why are team is not in first place,like everyone predicted because of all the talent the media kept telling us we had.

A few weeks ago there was a report in the Sun by one of their regular reporters that said that Ken Ploen had defeated Russ Jackson in the player of the decade voting. I emailed the reporter in question about that error and he replied that an editor had added that to his story. I wonder if it was the same editor who wrote that piece?

Whoever Kevin Engstrom is, he's just putting into print what everyone has been saying aloud from the beginning of the season. (Or shortly after that surprise and fluke win against Calgary, anyway.)

Some of my fellow fans have some difficulty in understanding the difference between a good coach and bad coach. We really do have a bad coach. This reporter is not telling us anything new. I can hardly wait to hear the coach's show on CJOB after this loss. A simple Q & A circus for the lovefest crowd. Maybe after the show Kelly will make a big pot of Kool Aid for the idiot fans in the upper deck sports lounge.

Very good article. Everything said appeared to be true.