"Glory Road" or "Down Ship"

I’ve done a little research and found some cool facts about the Ticats nation.

*Since 1959 this team has won 10 grey cups.

*Biggest Grey Cup win was Dec 2, 1967 Ham 24 Saks 1

*Since 1956 there have been 51 players to receive the “Most Outstanding Player? reward.

*45 Hall of Fame players and counting.

I really think the Ticats has one of the richest histories in the CFL to date.
But hard to see that with what is going on today.

I predict that Ticats will not return to glory if the following continues:

The new GM is ruling the team with an Iron Fist, ( Not in a BAD way LOL ) which in return makes it hard for the coaches to coach and players to following the lead. That is why the record stands at rock bottom. At this pace the Ticats ship will go down and it will last for years to come.

I predict a lot of big names on this team will leave at the end of the season. Many of you will get your wish for a NEW head coach and players. No Team in the history of the FOOTBALL game has change the roster so many times and won it all.

Every time you cut a player that has already learned the playbook, it takes the “FRESH free agent weeks to learn it. Another few weeks play in it and produce.

It seems like other teams see the Ticats as an easy win given the record and play on field.
The revolving door will only come back to hunt them in the end.

Find “Glory Road? if:

The current players have to take a moment to reflect on the pass history of this team.

Play the game as the old Ticats would have, and add a little NEW Ticats twist to it.

“Glory Road? often comes to a team that:

Plays together, Fight together, Stand together.

Ticats must “Protect This House?

The Ticats can repeat history if they only learn from it.

Please leave your comments:

Obie needs some time, and apperantly Taaffe is going to have to Earn. his keep. they wont send him away while under $ obligation. SOO we all get to witness Taaffe Learning curve. How long he will try to shove his W.C O on the team ??? will probably be how long it takes the team to start winning.

Where on earth do you get the impression Obie has an iron fist?? The fact you just researched this team and are making comments like this is obsurd.

Good post merck.
However, I disagree with the opinion that the GM is ruling with an iron fist. I think Cbie is leaving the coaching to the coaching staff, which is an area where our team seems to be sorely outclassed. the idea of an offensive plan is to take what the defence gives you. Unfortunately, our coaches can't seem to find those areas that are left open and take advantage of them.


Sorry ...but the revolving door is our only hope. We have the wrong people in our coaching ranks. They have shown they are not capable of motivating and leading this team to be competitive in the CFL.
Change IS needed. Why be afraid of it? Obie knows what has to be done because he has done it all before. We WILL be competitive eventually but its painfully obvious it won't be this coaching crew that gets us there.
Unless change comes, your prediction about losing some "big names" at the end of the season will come true....causing us all to have to wait even longer to once again see "the glory days."

Where on earth do you get the impression Obie has an iron fist?? The fact you just researched this team and are making comments like this is obsurd.
One main reason why I can make this comment is because I CAN.

Just listen to what is being said and read between the lines.