Globe Reporter shows Disregard for CFL

Okay... no Argo fan here. And I've worked at a newspaper. But the "ahem" esteemed member of the press corps attends the Argo press conference and asks questions about Mike Babcock coming to the Leafs. I believe he may be a jerk. ... -hire.html

Why not "congratulate" him on his excellent journalism?

Here is a working link to that awkward moment when the Globe and Mail reporter asked the question about Babcock.

[url=] ... hire.html/[/url]

You are so right. I emailed him and copied in the editor.

I kept it short, but here is what I sent:

Mr Shoalts,
As a long time reader of Globe sports, I have to say that your interrupting the Argos sale press conference to ask a question regarding the Leafs hiring of Mike Babcock was very bush league. I for one can no longer take you serious as a sports writer. Your question was totally irrelevant to the purpose of the press conference. If I was your editor, I would definitely reprimand you for your very amateurish act.

And for the record, I am a huge Leafs fan. Wrong time, wrong place.

Angelo Varvouletos.

Easily the biggest troll job I've ever seen.

Take a peak over at his twitter feed, the guy was actually trying to predict how long it would take before the question was asked and low and behold he was the only one to bring it up, then actually felt proud of himself, along with finding it amusing.

Is this guy stuck in grade 1 or something ?

Shoalts used to cover the Argos/CFL years ago. I don't tend to use this kind of language on the forums but the best term I can come up with to describe what he did today was "dick move".

Here are a couple of tweets of his that bother me as much as, if not more, than what he did at the press conference:

"Sorry, Argos, your big news may now top sports briefs on page 13."

In response to a tweet from Arash Madani, Shoalts wrote, "Not to rub it in but Babcock makes $3-million more than entire Argo roster with $5-million CFL salary cap."

I tweeted in response (not that I think he will care): "So what? You have been acting in a condescending manner today towards a league u used to cover. You are a better reporter than this."

This type of thing doesn't surprise me in Maple Leafs-mad Toronto.
Reminds me of last season when I tuned in to TSN1050 AM - "The Voice of the Argos" - to listen to a late season game as they were battling to get a playoff spot. No Argo game though. In its place? A Maple Leafs PRE-SEASON game!!
Are you kidding me?

In Toronto sports, it's the Maple Leafs, followed by filler.

The only thing he's fan of is money. Nothing else matters. That's as deep as he gets.

Turkey baster reporter. The world is full of them unfortunately.

Tweet from Jim Lawson:

Jim Lawson ?@JJL_Sports 37m37 minutes ago
Monumental day @TorontoArgos & @CFL (shared spotlight w/Babcock couldn't be avoided)-clears way for exciting @WoodbineRacing news tomorrow

There was no need for that. He should be a man and apologize !

We have to chase him down first though :smiley:

Totally classless move. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

In order to apologize, one must first regret their actions. Apparently, this guy does not.

If a player tweets something like that the league is all over them. But a chic&chit reporter does it and they get away with it...

a "nudge" from his boss/editor (Shawna Richards- may help him see the light...

All I have to say is.. M... I... C... K... E... Y.....G...L...O...B...E
All together now.....

Amazing how far the G&M has sunk to the point they'll do just about anything to attract readers.

fair is fair...

Curtis Rush @CurtisGRush (Toronto Star Sports writer) [b]In all fairness, I'm thinking someone should ask an #Argos question at the Mike Babcock press conference today.[/b]

I hope that happens!

Here is the email I sent to both.

Subject : Major Bungle At Argos Press Conference.

Mike Babcock question at the Argos press conference.

Wow, just wow.
Please tell me that was a joke. You were trying to be funny right ?
Because no one with a brain, one once of professional standards or pride would risk looking like the village idiot at a press conference.
You are aware you embarrassed yourself in front of your peers. Not to mention the loss of credibility as a reporter.
You sir are a media joke. The good news is you have given your coworkers at the Globe a good laugh.

Way to fail,

Brian Hindman

Calgary, Ab