Globe and Mail. The National Newspaper My A$$

I'm used to being a second class citizen because I'm not an NFL fan! or I'm ANTI-BUSH !I'm CFL babey and proud of it!! All I can say is they don't see real football till they watch our games! I find NFL mostly boring! 4 downs are for (rimes with tooshies)!LOL!

I think I see where the confusion is.....

berezin, the golf story is an international story due to golf's world wide appeal (for those who like golf). Thus the story is picked up here for those Canadians who follw golf. It is the World Golf Championship - without Tiger. It has some meaning to many reeaders who like golf - the Star even has a golf section.

The US basketball story relates to hmmmm... the olympics... take a look at the sports section today - filled with stores rom the olympics.....

And Farve.... well that's the top football story so far this year.... The same was going on with Sundin untill he said he'll say something at the end of Aug.

Either way theese stories trump a player update. It's not a Canadian vs American thing.

I took journalism in college and went on to work for the Star and a few other publications over the years. The editors don't think about Canadian or American issues. They look for reader impact and what is going to move papers, gather hits on the site or pull in viewers/ listeners.... it's really that simple. I'm not saying there isn't a slant - of course there is - that's the editor's bias.

I just find it had to believe that there is a concetrated effort against the CFL... The papers you mentioned are picked up around the world - they have to cover what they think the readers want.

So we all agree the decisions like always have a slant, as being made by the Editor(s) who may have their own bias and I can tell you for a fact based on the Star they are anti CFL. No doubt without question based on history the same is true for the Globe.
Sun used to have Paul Godfrey as its head, enough said.

Everytime I have had work in Toronto and I watched and read local media coverage of sports, I was amazed at the "attitude" by local media towards the CFL. There is an utter disdain for the league it feels like.

I don't think it is being overstated by Berezin at all. You have to compare the attitude of the media in CFL cities to see the difference.

The problem is that Toronto is our hub and concentration of media in Canada and it effects national coverage as well.

As far as what should be considered national news coverage...Why would another country's olympic team (in a sport that our country didn't qualify in) be an important national sports story. Oh wait, one of the players on their team plays for the local Toronto basketball team. I also don't understand why a Brett Favre story would trump any CFL update story as a (wait for it)Canadian National sports story.

Of course!
Newspapers no longer report the news "as it happens" The have become blogs for the writer and or editors to push their views and opinions on the public

Honestly I couldn't tell you- like I said before you have to ask the editors that question.

In the number of editorial meetings I sat in on or hosted back in the day, never did we bring up the Canadian vs American issue. Nor did we say "We hate the CFL and should give it as little coverage as possible" That just doesn't happen.

LOL - now that I'm thinking back to my school days...

Here is a long answer question as it would appear on a print media exam.

40 marks.

You are the sports editor of a daily Canadian national newspaper. Your paper sells 4 - 4.5 million copies per day. It is also selling internationally and has significant number of football fans (both CFL and NFL) as readers.

Two reporters are sitting across from you, each with a story. They are having a heated debate and are trying to convince you to place their respective stories on the front of the sports section.
Each has merit and are well written. Only one can go on the front page of your sports section - the other is buried on page 8 due to coverage on the upcoming olympics and World Golf Championship.
Please explain which would you place on the front page/ page 8 and why. Please include in your answer how each story relates to the who, what, where and why theory. How does each story affect pass along readership.

The stories are as follows:
Sam Rawlings has the Brett Farve story - update on his pending retirement or return to the NFL (which is the hot topic of the NFL....
Jackie Barret has the 4th string QB who has to start as a receiver for the Sask Roughriders of the CFL.....

Bonus 10 marks: Please write the headlines you would run with each story.

Farve, shmarve.
Who cares? Enough about Brett FAvre. I doubt 50 people in Canada really care what Brett FAvre ends up doing.
And look at todays Globe. I was given a free copy in a Shoppers this morning. I opens it up, and nary one word on the ARgos big game tomorrow night.
But oh, supposed CFL man DAve Naylor is in some town in New York state giving the latest exciting update on the Buffal Bills training camp!
In fact it looks like Tranna papers are all on the NFL bandwagon these days. Wonder how much Godfrey and Rodgers are paying them to push the NFL to help sell tickets for their NFL venutre?
Either way, the people running Tranna papers are a joke.

Who cares about the on again off again story of Brett Favre.
It's only an issue because some idiot Editor with a love on for the NFL decides to continuously run with it because the American media have fallen head over heels.
Another words, a US wannabe scenario here in the Universe.
How sad.

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Check out the stories under football.... guess they are a joke too. Top Stories Farvre to Bucs, Farvre asks for release and undefeated Riders....

I was just using it as an example because berezin brought it up… sigh.
Do you guys even read what you write?

Anyway - You could defend either story as front page worthy - just depends on what you use to justify your answer.
My scenario was more of a test of people’s first thoughts/ opinions… There is no right or wrong answer. I use similar questions when interviewing people for a position.

In the real world it depends on your editor… ... index.html

Check out the stories under football.... guess they are a joke too. Top Stories Farvre to Bucs, Farvre asks for release and undefeated Riders....

Okay, I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but I just checked the link and the top story was the Woman's Olympic soccer team followed by the rest of page one which was two more olympic stories and then an article on Prefontaine of the Eskimos.

Page Two had CFL and wasn't until page five that we see the story on Favre.

That is what I would expect from a Canadian newspaper. Half empty/ Half full?

I was looking at the sports section...I know you said football section. I was just trying to show what we would expect from our sports section in a canadian newspaper.

I hear ya.... and agree.

I chose the Edmonton journal as an example of a local daily where the editor decided to carry the Farvre story.
In other words it isn't just Toronto....
Having worked in the media I know that things are not always as the appear and often are a lot more complecated than the Us vs Them we often see on this forum...

Yeah I get that and agree. I do however believe there is an incredible bias treating the CFL as a minor league in Toronto (and subsequently in Canada because of the concentration of media in T.O.)and it affects the average joe's view of the league and it also affects CFL ownership and league officials who make big decisions about the league's future.

I guess I don't mind it being brought up again and again because if we talk loudly enough about it, hopefully we can make change. These forums have been mentioned in editorials before (I have no link so if someone could help me with that I'd appreciate it).

It's a Toronto thing. They hate those "Damn Americans", but want to be like them.

I get a kick out of you berezin. You call them rags, but you keep on buying them. I said to argotom and it applies to you as well-- if you don't like the coverage it gives to this league, then buy a paper that does... :roll:

I really like your comment bighands. I made a translation in French and I put it in the French Topic «Les médias et la CFL» (The medias and the CFL) Which is by far the most read on the French forum.

sambo, the problem here is there is nowhere else to go.
The big three: Star, Globe and Sun.
Pick your poison, take the best of the worst?
Currently it is the Sun hands down.

Hey Sambo.
Who said I buy these papers? Because I don't.
Only time I buy a Globe is for the TV ratings each week.
I do buy the Sunday Sun once in awhile.
Outside of that, I peruse them on the net.

I really like your comment bighands. I made a translation in French and I put it in the French Topic «Les médias et la CFL» (The medias and the CFL) Which is by far the most read on the French forum.

Thanks CFLman, I read your posts on the french forum as well...usually through Google language translation tools.

I get the feeling the translation (via google)isn't always as accurate as it should be.