Globe and Mail. The National Newspaper My A$$

This rag touts itself as the national newspaper of CAnada, yet the top three headlines in its paper are the who cares Brent FAvre story. The who cares John Daly story. And the who cares US basketball team story.

I mean the ARgos have a huge date with the Ticats Thursday, and there's nary a mention. And really, outside of covering the actual games, this paper does as little CFL coverage as possible.

My question is who is the rocket scientist with that paper who thinks sports stories from another country should take priority over our own? Especially when these stories are of such little interest to CAndians, and have absolutely nothing to do with us?

I take it you only read the sports section.....

cause the "rag" seems to cover Canada pretty well in the news section.

maybe you should write them with your concerns?

Show me an American paper that leads its sports section with CFL and hockey stories, and I'll keep quiet. Until then, this hero worship by these Tranna Laurentian college greaduates who have never travelled outside the 416 area code but think they speak for CAnada has to stop. Its bloody embarassing.

chill. seriously.

You mean Laurentian University - in Sudbury?

Never heard of Laurentian College....

Last time I checked that was pretty for outside of the 416 area code.

Ryerson! Thats the one I was thinking of. Half of the journalism graduates from Ryerson work in the Tranna media.

And Jman. Check out the Toronto Star. Four articles on the NFL. Nothing on the CFL.
Globe and Mail. Not one article on the CFL.
This is the story in this area.
A media that is out of touch.
Amazing the Argos still can draw 30,000 considering how they get basically no promotion whatsoever.

I agree berezin, did you see my recent posting on the other so called Canada’s National paper, The Star.
No game day article and with Earl, I emailed the Sports Editor. He replied but it was all crap.
This has been the same old story here in the Centre of the Universe and wannabe US city for mega years.

hmmmm - what if someone was to set up a web site dedicated to all matters CFL.... then people could go there for news relating to the teams they love instead of relying on the news meadia to publish non-stories everyday..... oh wait....

So let me ask. What stories do you think should make the papers today? From the Argos' perspective?

Yes I did Argotom.
Some things just don't change.
The people who take shots at me for posting this thread just don't get it.
There's all kinds of CFL fans in this area, but the media can't be bothered.
They don't consider it a major sport, because its not on US Tv.
And sadly, that the measuring stick these people go by.
I mean the US mens basketball team has gotten more articles in the Globe the past week then the CFL.
And if it wasn't for the TV ratings being published each week, they'd still be telling us the NFL is king of the TV ratings in Canada and that nobody watches the cFL.
Don't know how this will ever change, but to me this hero worship of those people is embarassing.

Hey berezin... which papers doe you consider to be national then?

The Star, Globe and National Post are all based in Toronto... I can purchase those anywhere in Canada.

Unless you used to live in Tranna, why would you want to?

What? Do you even read what other people say? You would buy the paper, because it covers NATIONAL news. Surprisingly, some people are interested in the rest of the paper just as much as the sports section.

Its also considered a National paper because it is available across the country

There are other sections in a newspaper...? :o

I totally get B99's point. I'm a little mystified as to why the the Globe and Star in particular seem to give the CFL short shrift.

As for news and distribution I suppose the Globe is national in scope, and Argo stories might not be so popular in some places, but it seems to me that they would probably be more popular than stories about the U.S. men's basketball team. So, I think it's a fair question. Why do the Globe and Star feel obligated to cover give so much coverage to stories from the U.S. and less coverage to Canadian stories? I would love to hear arguments from them about this.

Is the National Post better? I seem to be going there for stories I glean from Google News more often than I am to the Globe or Star. Why is that? Is it because it is more conservative and therefore more nationalistic? Are the Globe and Star's left-leaning proclivities more likely to cause them to kow-tow to U.S. sports interests? It seems that way sometimes. Though I'm really not sure why ideology should have much to do with it. Maybe it's just how they think most people will perceive them.

Mr. Rpage you are 100% correct.
I wouldn't expect an American paper in Alabama to give hockey the headlines.
I mean go to a British paper, and all the sports news is about British sports. Crazy eh?

And has anybody seen these Tranna media types on these sports talk shows like Prime Time, or the Reporters, or one called I think CAsion Rama on the Canoe Channel?

These guys say the most outragous about sports in this country you have to wonder who hired them.

But in turn they can tell you who the backup running back is for the Carolina Panthers. Or who won the NCAA basketball championship in 1960. But they couldn't name the strarting QB for the Rough Riders if you spotted them the Marcus.

And to the person who asked what they could write about? First its not my job to think up ideas. But hows about Jesse Lumsdens statua, and how the Argos will deal with them. Or a story on the 4th string QB who may start as receiver because of injuries? Or why aren't Duris or Jeff Johnson given a shot at starting RB? I'm sure any of these stories would have to interest someobdy in Toronto. MOre than the American mens basketball team.
And it may even help them sell a few more seats in Hamilton.

Some here have forgotten or perhaps choose not to remember that year in and out and yes there is an annual nation wide survey, which confirms how the CFL is the second most popular sport and league in the country.
And it's gaining on the NHL.
The TV numbers do not lie.
So all some of us expect here in the big smoke is coverage, both CFL ad Argos that reflects same.
I have been "fighting" this anti CFL wave in all media here in Toronto my entire life.
My perspective is also from a post high school broadcasting/journalism courses.

Those are stories/articles for local papers, not national ones. I personally dont care how the argos deal with Lumsden, I do care how the Als deal with it. That why I read local papers

In my humble opinion it seems a story with a Canadian angle is considered local. While a story with an American angle is considered national? Very strange.