Globe and Mail Coverage

I sent the following note yesterday to the sports editor of the Globe and Mail:

[i]I was disappointed to notice the dearth of CFL coverage in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. Heading into the final few weekends of the season, I would have thought that our premier, national newspaper would be devoting some serious space to our brand of football, especially in light of consistent TV ratings which clearly show that the CFL is watched by many more Canadians than the NFL, let alone baseball or golf.

I hope you have plans to splash your sports section much more CFL content in the month ahead[/i].

I sent a similar note to the sports editor of the Ottawa Citizen. Put some pressure on these guys!

The Globe & Mail is no more National than TSN. It is still The Toronto Globe & Mail regardless of what they want to call it.

Good work High Five.

While your intentions are good High 5 I think you are wasting your time. The Toronto Globe & Mail will never give the CFL its due coverage. I have never bought it and never will. I'll use any free copies that I get from hotels to line the budgie cage!

Shut up!

High 5 is doing what we have to!

I have no doubt Sportsmen can adequately defend himself, but I can't let this go.

What is wrong with you, telling someone to shut up for his opinion on what a newspaper is likely to print.

I tend to agree with him, I'll voice my displeasure with the lack of coverage of the CFL by not buying the Globe and Mail. That's really the only way a business listens, with their bottom line.

The Globe and Mail used to have more CFL coverage a few years ago...when Marty York was their reporter. :slight_smile:

If you Argo fans are upset at the lack of coverage, why dont you all get together and do a write-in campaign to vent your frustrations? If you want to see change, you have to have enough fans to tell the G&M to cover the Argos more, and that YOU want to see better CFL coverage.

In theory sambo you are correct. But, here in the self proffesed Center of the Universe decisions are made which are out of the hands of the "average Joe" and especially some of us who dearly follow the CFL.
Some high and mighty "suits" in their ivory tower make decisions which are based on so called marketing execs who have decided how the NFL is "fuzzy and warm" and conversely the CFL even though it draws mega TV numbers is actually "hick".
The "fight" is really a "war" and one that I am afraid to say has been lost for a generation(s).
Man I hate to be down on this, but I am afraid and I try to convince myself it is not reality?

Thanks for your support and no, I don't think I'm wasting my time. It never hurts to remind members of the media as to the reality they seem to be too busy to see because of their own, self-centered agendas...

You're not wasting your time; good for you! Squeaky wheel and all that..........
I am frustrated too from the lack of coverage of the Lions, let alone the CFL, in the so-called special BC section in the Saturday Globe.

the globe sells most of their papers in TO. and TO doesn't care about the CFL.
So, the Globe doesn't cater to CFL fans. Stick to the local newspapers.

I Don't Know. Last Monday's Issue Of The Toronto Star I Found More Page Space Devoted To The CFL Then The nFL. While Most Of You Would Be Outraged That I Find This A Good Sign Look At It This Way. The nFL Has 32 Teams While The CFL Only Has 8 Teams. Of Those 32 Teams 26 I Think Played The Day Before While Of The 8 CFL Teams Only 4 Played The Day Before Leaving Saterdays And Sundays Paper To Cover Those Games, Also Included In The Monday Issue Was A Preview For The Monday Night Game. Therefor I Think The CFL Did Pretty Good In The Star At Least To Take Up More Space With Only 4 Teams Then The 32 Team nFL.

CFL is Canada’s game and institution. The country and all of the papers should embrace it and cover it accordingly.
Who cares about the No Fun League or other American sports.

I was impressed with today's Toronto Star, print edition, some good articles on the CFL and also on who the MVP should be with some colour photos. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yeah, I can defend myself. Some people just get up on the wrong side of the bed.

For your info Toronto, I am a big CFL fan. I've even made road trips to Calgary and Edmonton. Their local media gives their teams great coverage. The Vancouver Province gives the Lions great coverage. The Vancouver Sun does not. Read Chewbacca's post. I share his feeling on it as well.

And Mr Toronto....Put on a happy face!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Not to be cynical, but its either feast or famine. With the latter much more so in the Toronto papers.
The Star goes way overboard and is the "Raptors paper", while the Sun covers the "heck out of the Leafs". Leaving crumbs only for the Argos and the CFL.

Also you have to look at the "Targeted readers". Globe & Mail is targeted to the Business type reader.

I think the Star is the best, for CFL coverage, in the city!

You know TO, just when one Toronto paper steps up, then it retreats and it becomes like a toilet seat.
The bottom line and I subscribe to both the Star and the Sun, neither are consistent.