Globe and Mail CFL Coverage

Ever since the redesign of the Globe and Mail, I’ve noticed a trend of giving the NFL much higher coverage than the CFL. On Fridays, as they are “setting up? the football weekend, the NFL get the first two pages of the sports section – one is a full page ad for NFL games on TSN2 and the other page has all the game previews for the weekend. By comparison, the CFL is buried on page 5 or 6 with about half a page of coverage. Given that we have Friday Night Football and all the games over the weekend, you would think they would give more prominence to the CFL – especially as the CFL certainly outdraws the NFL on TSN2!

This Monday’s Thanksgiving Globe and Mail, shows the same bias –the CFL has two amazing matchups today and only gets some coverage on page 7 of the sports section. The NFL gets front page coverage and another full page 4.

You would think that with TSN owning the rights to the CFL and the fact that TSN/CTV and the Globe and Mail are all owned by the same company, there would be better promotion – I believe that was part of the deal when the got the broadcast rights to the league.

I emailed the Sports editor at the Globe – Tom Maloney at and he said that they always give prominence to the NFL. I asked him if they would consider giving each league equal coverage and he has not replied yet.

I have heard this issue here and there on various message boards before but the paper will only change if they hear from CFL fans on this issue to I encourage fans to email the Globe and express their desire to have better CFL coverage, on par with or greater than the NFL.

good on you for giving that Globe and mail guy crap. To give the nfl front page coverage and the CFL page 7 is more than insulting. THIS IS OUR LEAGUE, OUR COUNTRY. WHAT GIVES. HAS TORONTO BECOME THE 51 STATE OF THE U.S.A.?????????

In their own minds they are, or at least they wish they were. :roll:

I don't read the G&M, but it also irks me that Jersey City (a Canadian Company, I believe) has the exclusive rights to sell CFL merch. but give more sales space for NFL stuff than CFL stuff. Same type of attitude, HQ is probabl;y in T.O. :thdn:

I'm not trying to single you out, but this statement is not at all true. The people of Toronto do not want to be American. They do not want to be a part of the United States. Just because of few idiots who speak for the city make it seem that way, does not make it true of the population as a whole. People from Toronto are just as proud of being Canadian as anyone else in this country.

The Globe is garbage.
They're too lazy to actually write stories, so they just paste stuff about the NFL. It's pretty obvious that people on the site want to talk about the CFL, because they're almost no discussion when it comes to NFL stories.

Surprisingly, after TSN, CBCsports has by far the best coverage when it comes to the CFL. They really do cover it far better than the Globe or any other rag.

It's my understanding that the Globe is separating itself from BCE. It doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary with the print media. Even Quebecor (Sun Media) NFL coverage dwarfs the CFL. They have more teams, so they have more stories.

The National Post does a fair job as well.

You know, I thought about possibly writing an email and giving this Globe and Mail character a piece of my mind but I’m not going to bother… why?

because he’s not going to care who tells him anything and he’ll continue to do things his way and he’ll turn his nose up at those CFL fans just the same.

The Globe is lazy, yes, like most newspapers, but I believe they are tied to the hip big time with Billsish Toronto Bills in Toronto who cares about the CFL Rogers company. Rogers and the Globe are huge friends. Of course, one more reason I no longer buy the Globe in paper or read it online unless there is a good CFL coverage.

Don't underestimate Rogers folks, they have a lot invested in the Bills series, watching their money go down the drain to American interests rather than investing in their own country. Fact is Rogers doesn't care about Canada, they care about dollars disguised as Canadiana in the Blue Jays trying to represent all of Canada and Toronto trying to represent all of Canada. And the Bills are just good for "all of Canada", isn't it? In Rogers minds.

Rogers thinks Edmonton and Calgary is a backwater and Saskatchewan is an endless hole in Artic Ocean. They respect nothing outside of Toronto.

And if the CFL goes to Moncton, Rogers and Sportsnet will laugh their asses off because Moncton is a nothing to that company, an absolute piece of crap. At least that's what I think of Rogers.

Nice to see Rogers give some $78 mill to Ralph Wilson, already a hugely wealthy American. What a friggin joke. :lol: :lol:

Rogers likes to make billionaire Americans wealthier, well, go to it Rogers, you da man. hahahhahahaa :lol: :lol: And shun their own country where they made their wealth. Scuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumbagggggggggger company in my mind. ABout as low class as it gets. Guess that's why I don't watch Sportsnet anymore. Ralph is peeing his pants at you Rogers and his family, peeing his friggin pants. hahahahahahahhahaha

Well, I don't buy any Rogers products. I don't have any Rogers Cell phones or TV.

I boycott all their products.

and I hear that there are more that do this as well.

We need to get more and more people boycotting Rogers.

The problem in a place like Toronto is that if you want cable, you have to go with Rogers. You can always switch to Bell satellite, but when I lived in TO, I did that, and Bell's service sucks. What we need is actual competition in the cable market so we can do something like boycott a provider we don't like. It's hard when your choices are Rogers, Bell or nothing.

The Globe is crap and like the vast majority in the city of Toronto, this is a wannabe US factor.

Uh, do we Americans have a vote on this matter? Can we consider other parts of Canada first if you are in the spirit of giving parts away? :lol:

Seriously ...things are not fine there or here, with varying heated opinions, twith he way they are no doubt.

Few like to talk about it openly, but at least in our respective countries here's to keeping whatever areas we deem "less worthy" for whatever reason contained. :stuck_out_tongue:

That's better than any national mayhem and more realistic. It's better for all slug it out ugly on an athletic field too than for real as well.

Earl we share much of the same dislike (putting it lightly) for our media conglomerates down here as well to include the following of which many of us have had MULTIPLE adverse experiences particularly in the last four years:

Charter Communications
Comcast Cable
Cox Cable
News Corp
NBC Universal

and worst of all: ESPN.

And so I can understand definitely some of what you are talking about with regard to the big metropolis bias of the dominant mainstream media.

Fortunately having studied the industry since a job I had in it back in 2000, things are changing quickly and almost all content going online via IP is shaking them all up as they have for the most part been haemorrhaging money for years.

Also there is no need down here for New York and LA to continue to have so much influence in national matters either.

[quote="Earl"Rogers and the Globe are huge friends.
Earl, come on. Until the recent BCE-CTV transaction is completed, the Globe is still owned by CTVGlobemedia. CTV and Rogers are in intense competition with one another's broadcast properties, and CTV and other broadcast networks have taken a position that is diametrically oppposed to the position of the cable companies (like Rogers) with regard to payment for rebroadcasting network signals. I would love to see a smidgen of evidence that "Rogers and the Globe are huge friends."

Maybe they sit at adjacent tables at the annual C.A.B. dinner and awards show.

pw, just saying under the table type friends, that's all. Sometimes it can be certain people at the top of companies that get along with each other and do some stroking, nothing that ever hits the press sort of thing.

Ditto for me as I purposely avoid all Rogers products, save and except attending the Argos games.

The Globe's CFL coverage is down this year. On the other hand, the National Post's has significantly improved. C'est la vie.

IMO the Globe Saturday edition is the best paper in the country on that day.
maybe not the best CFL coverage but everything else I love. A must read for me in BC every Saturday with the coffee and bacon cooking and beer chilling.

best CFL coverage? For me, without a doubt Edmonton Journal and Winnipeg Free Press

Does anyone read the National?