Globe and Mail a CFL sponsor?

Just reading this about sponsors for the NFL Bills-Fish game in Toronto Sunday. I was surprised to read about the Globe and Mail a sponsor. Anyone know if they sponsor our own CFL?

The Bills have added several major Canadian sponsors to the corporate mix, specifically for the Toronto game. They include Anheuser-Busch’s Canadian operations, Rogers Communications, Reebok, Samsung, Sirius Radio, EA Sports, KFC, Warner Brothers and the Toronto Globe & Mail, Guelli said.

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I'm happy to report, although not on purpose, I am not contributing anything to these sponsors coffers. The Globe isn't all bad in my books as Dave Naylor promotes the CFL somewhat in his columns. Brunt isn't as anti CFL as some people make him out to be either IMO.

The "Toronto" Globe & Mail is a sponsor because they probably couldn't find a real paying sponsor. The G&M is owned by CTV, who are the host broadcaster of the Bills game and the NFL in Canada.

Yes, I guess by default then the Globe would be a sponsor in this case.

You want a good laugh.
The game yesterday was announced as a "sellout"
Yet I just went on, and could have got 5 seats in the 200 level,
or 10 seats in the 500 level, all in one row.
There are thousands of tickets still available.
What gets me is why the media is trying to cover up this fact?

good freakin' question! The media elite in this country wishes we were American most of the time it seems. That's my call.

Yesterday's 4:00 pm NFL blackout deadline resulted in the "sell-out". It is unfathomable that Rogers/CTV would allow this game to be blacked-out in Toronto and Buffalo! That would of been a public relations nightmare, although contrary to media speculation I frankly doubt the NFL could enforce a TV blackout in Toronto. But according to NFL regulations, not only would the Bills game be blacked out, but a secondary blackout of all other NFL games in that timeslot would be enacted. Wow, southern Ontario would of been declared a NFL Free Zone on Sunday! This could of also meant a $1M loss of advertising revenue for CTV.

It is amazing that Rogers/CTV didn't act against the blackout possibility sooner. They waited until the very last minute yesterday, obviously "buying up" enough tickets to declare to the NFL that 95% were sold to lift the blackout. Rogers has apparently already tapped into their employees to take tickets at heavily-discounted prices, so perhaps we may end up seeing a section of homeless people at the BIG game, repleat with their sleeping bags and Bills pennants.

How do I say this respectfully. Ted Rogers, you are one lucky guy to have gone on to the next life before this, for all intents and purposes, fiasco have happened. Somebody up there is looking out for you to be honest.

Poor Ted Rogers.
Got talkied into buying the Blue Jays by Paul Godfrey, and lost millions.
Got talked into buying an Arena team aby Paul Godfrey nd lost millions.
Got talked into this NFL venture by Paul Godfrey and Phil Lind.
And is going to lose millions.
I could have told him anything involving Paul Godfrey ends up in catasrophe.

Wow, what a shock this is.
The G & M with the head cheerleaders in no particular order, Brunt, Naylor and William Huston, the TV sports critic who is also in the bag for the No Funners.
I wonder who will be the head float in the parade, oh wait there is no parade.

Speaking of apologist Brunt, here is his latest article.
Only a brief mention how the place is not sold out. Notwithstanding the months of selling this dog with fleas.

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Hahaha yeah, it was a fun read. I smell sour grapes.

For those of you who don't have time to read the article, here's a synopsis:

"So what if no one cares about the Bills game, it's because the economy's in recession! The CFL got lucky, they're still running scared! The NFL can't wait to put a team in Toronto, just wait and see! You'll see, you'll all see! Next year, everyone will want to go to the game because the NFL is awesome!"

Bottom line it's really just a football game at the end of it all. Let's not make this out to be like it's an FLQ crisis or something, albeit I suppose I'm one to talk here :wink:

The biggest selling point the media is talking aboot is RICKY WILLIAMS, PLAYED FOR THE ARGS!.LMAO :roll:

I don't care if Brunt eventually gets his little NFl team.
But what bugs my a$$ is that these Hogtowners can't just have the team.
It has to kill the CFL in the process. It just has to.
Because without Tranna, the rest of CAnada can't survive!
And on top of that, all of Canada just has to love their new NFL team.
We're expected to stop everything and all gather around our TV to watch Tranna's NFL team!
And if they win, all of Canada will celebrate!
Brunt doesn't want the rest of Canada t have their own leagues and teams.
Our mission in life will be to support Tranna's teams.
Never mind Brunts is being proven to be a complete moron when it comes to his predictions.
He just can't stop riding a dead horse.

New update on this game in Toronto.
This morning I could have gotten 10 tickets in level 200.
The game starts in 2 hours.
Yet the game is a sellout.
As promoted by the media.
What a joke.

Look, the tickets were overpriced by Ted and company, everyone makes mistakes,doesn't mean the fanbase isn't there.

Quite frankly, in some ways, this could be good for the Argos in many ways, not the least in that people who say the RC is no good for football so they would have to say it's not good for ALL football and right now, watching the game, even if people got in the building for some very cheap tickets, which we know was the case, it looks good for the RC to have some NFL football in it and this could rub off more to the Argos. Just saying, not saying some or many of these "NFL only counts" fans there will ever take in a CFL game but still, the building looks more football and I like this.

Get rid of the Blue Jays and have the RC football only, CFL and NFL, hey, that could be very good for all football fans. I'll buy into this especially if there is some cooperation between the CFL and NFL whereby each league benefits each other with fans attending games of both in the RC.

So why didn't you buy any?

No. I don't want the CFL to "cooperate" with the NFL for their benefit as was suggested. Keep the NFL the heck out of Canada. If they want to hold the odd exhibition game here after our season is over, that's probably ok. But as far as having an NFL franchise in Canada is totally out of the question. And were talking US$2 Billion to buy a team and build a new stadium in Toronto. That pipe dream died with Rogers. Tannenbaum, the media's new NFL-in-Toronto golden boy, just doesn't have the cash like Rogers to be the front man. Let him buy the Blue Jays first and see if he can turn them into a viable franchise.

The Skydome looks pretty darn full today, but there were small areas of several sections which had no fans at the gamewas not soldout, but the 95% capacity was actually met, lifting the 150km blackout for all NFL games in that timeslot...although we don't know how many tickets were discounted or given-away, like for the preseason game. While Toronto may be beaming with civic pride, 94% of the U.S. national market took a pass and this game is only being shown in Buffalo and Miami markets. Even Roger's own SportsNet stations have chosen to televise other games.

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