Global Players

Does anyone know how the Global players will fit on the roster.Have they increased roster sizes by one or two ?
Or is there one or two less national or import spots.
Is it required that each team have 1 or 2 global players on their actice gameday roster ?

Lean over the wall the next time yer at practice use yer connections and ask somebody . I’m sure someone like Ken or someone else important will let you now and then you can let us all know as well . ;D

Yep, that Ken Barker knows everything. :wink:

I don’t want Gerbear leaning over the wall and getting hurt or something so…there will be one additional game day roster spot for a Global player. There will also be two spots available on the practice roster for Global players. Next year two roster spots will be available on the game day roster for Global players.

So glad they didn’t do this for additional National players. And maybe a special rule for National QBs.
Much better to develop foreign talents it appears in the leagues eyes. ???

CFL teams used to use all National kickers. Now many teams are using US kickers. Why not have a extra roster spot to develop a National kicker too?

Thanks MightyPope.

Doesn’t look like there are any global players that will be challenging for a starting position. At least , not on the Ticats .

Thanks for the info.

Interesting article.

O’Leary: Mexican receiver hopeful sacrifice pays off with Ticats

Sounds like the Mexican payers are not getting the same kind of reps, and on that basis they can’t possibly be in the running for starting jobs.

I don’t necessarily see it as unfair treatment. Reading between the lines, it sounds like they are just not at the same level as the other players and the coaches are protecting them as they try to narrow the gap a bit.

This is interesting, as well, from the Roughriders’ Green & White scrimmage Saturday in Saskatoon:

Sounds like, out there, the Globals have been thrown right into the action, unlike here.

Speaking of throwing at the Green and White scrimmage game. :o

Collaros started the scrimmage and completed one of 10 passes — a 15-yarder to Cory Watson — and was intercepted by Nick Marshall before giving way to the other quarterbacks.