Global Content?

Since the Global players are here and hold mandatory roster spots.
The Teams that adapt quickly & not just dismiss it will benefit.
This year is much better done by the CFL office.
Quick and his staff have done their homework. In identifying and going out and contacting players that have played University football in the US and Canada.
I’ve been following it the best I can via 3 Down Nation. And there are several that have played successfully at that level.
Successful enough that they can contribute on special teams right away. Similar to how many Canadian Rookies do.

They can make similar contributions to both Canadian and American rookies. Really, it’s the American players the Globals are competing with for playing time.

I don’t know if we’ll uncover more Thiadric Hansens, but it adds a layer of interest, for me at least, to see how players from different areas stack up against each other.

I noticed a lot of GFL players among the combine invitees. I’m curious to see how the Japanese players will stack up against them and the Mexicans.

Of that mix of Global players there is one that really stood out. His names eluded me right now.
He has recently played for NCAA D1AA powerhouse NDU Bisons at that crazy Loud Fargo Dome.
He was a starting LB during his SR and Junior years. And a special teams standout during his sophomore season & continued throughout his starting years. Part big contributor to a couple of National Champ teams.
I believe he is from Austria.
Global scout Quick tracked him down in Australia.
Where he was playing football & Rugby.
The dude hopped on a plane and traveled to one of the Euro combines.
That’s a dude that wants to play and can play at that Cfl special teams level and potential to work his way to D packages an back up at some point.

Watched the Japan combine vid on the CFL youtube channel . They train all year round with football skills and practicing . That helps quite a bit with the skill aspect .

Yes. Don’t fall asleep on Japan. When the IFAF had its Sr Mens world champ they were consistently among the top 4 and medals in Gold. Silver. Bronze.
Of course the USA & Canada were always up there even sending a lesser group of players. Canada Mostly CIS best players.
US sending guys only a few years removed from college that moved to other high paying careers. Guys who had job flexibility , talent…
Looking for one last shot to play.