Glitch? Cross-linked Threads Not Posting Properly

I found a new glitch. I was not sure if a report on a glitch is suitable for the Help Desk thread, but please let me know on this sort of thing.

You have much on your plate of course, so there is no urgency here, but this glitch will affect usability all the more over time here especially with those less technically-inclined.

So until just now, whenever I cross-linked a post much as I have been doing more for months given how the threads intersect more, the post would populate after a copy and paste so I could verify that the post would indeed be the right one.

But this time, cross-linking from the villain thread, that did not happen when I copied and pasted the URL in the lounge. All I see is the URL no population of the excerpt of the post. Why not?

This pre-population feature was a MAJOR convenience and EXTREMELY helpful.

Now the process is far more time-consuming.

I am not sure why once again what was not broken was "fixed," par for the techie experience in the rest of the world especially during the pandemic because companies were being cheap too especially the damn banks, but it's probably just one of those annoying and mysterious things.

Okay thank you for taking my call today and all that you are doing here now too.

I will go ahead and hang up now and listen to the show.

i can't believe you hung up on me.

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good question!

this is not a glitch, it is the work of my nasty wand.

i recently re-configured the permission settings on the Lounge category so that it is only viewable and accessible to logged-in members. thus it is not seen to anyone not logged-in. the category you were linking to (from a post in the now-secured Lounge) was one that is publicly viewable to non-members. The system is designed to not allow link-box previews of restricted content in the publicly viewable categories, so it only shows it as a regular text link instead. if you link content within the Lounge or between public categories, the system will allow the link-box preview.

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