Gliebs trying to resign players.

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The Renegades appear to be closing in on long-term deals with a couple of key offensive cogs.

Negotiations on a multi-year contract with centre George Hudson took a positive swing upward yesterday after the two sides held a pair of meetings at Frank Clair Stadium.

Hudson, an original Renegade who is eligible to become a free agent Feb. 15, has dangling in front of him a lucrative bonus and six-figure, five-year offer.

While he had been hesitant to sign, progress was made when the Renegades agreed to give him some additional money on the back end.

"There's definitely a mutual interest," Renegades GM Forrest Gregg said yesterday from his home in Colorado Springs. "Whether it gets done or not remains to be seen, but I'd say I was optimistic."

Serving as his own agent, Hudson would only say "talks are ongoing" and "nothing has been signed."

But he also indicated a deal could very well be close to fruition.

"I did have problems with the length of it," said the 29-year-old St. Catharines native, one of the top O-linemen in the league. "These are going to be the best five years of my career. It's not something you want to jump at."

The Renegades are also trying to extend the contract of import wide receiver/return specialist Jason Armstead, offering him a deal that would also stretch through the 2010 season. It's believed terms of a new contract have essentially been agreed to by both parties -- including a signing bonus amount -- with the only obstacle still to overcome being when the bonus is to be paid.

Armstead, who was re-signed to a two-year (plus option) contract last off-season, finished with 3,353 combined yards, second only to West Division most outstanding player nominee Corey Holmes.

"I think we're close," Gregg said of a deal with the 26-year-old Armstead.

The Renegades also seem to be making headway in talks on a long-term contract with 25-year-old linebacker Kyries Hebert, who finished tied for the league lead in special teams tackles. Hebert is also considering NFL options, but could be leaning toward the security of a multi-year pact in Ottawa.

"It's an ongoing thing," said Gregg. "I've got about four different people I'm talking to right now and every day, I think this is going to be the day (a deal gets done). Maybe tomorrow."

Since season's end, the Renegades have inked long-term deals with cornerback Bo Rogers, punter Pat Fleming, DB Da'Shaun Austin and linebacker Donnavan Carter.

atleast the Gliebs are trying...hopefuly they can keep thier CORE guys then sign some key-free agents!

Geaorge Hudson is getting a six figures' contract? Man, there are going to be screams around the CFL from better o-linemen. Not too long ago, an article said Brian Chiu became the highest paid o-linemen of the league when re-signing for slightly over 100 000$ per year. Does that mean Hudson is among the top two salaried o-linemen?

I can think of at least 10 guys who would deserve to be in the top, and Hudson really isn't one of them.

maybe its six figures over a number of years tho....say
say $400 000 over 5 80 000 per year?.....i dunno?

i think the gliebs are tryin to send a message, to not only thier players, but players around the league....that ottawa is trying to build a contender!

I agree. Looks like the Gliebs are trying to buy a successful franchise. Even though i think that they're complete idiots, lets hope it works out for the good of the franchise and the league as a whole.

heres another article about the Gliebs re-signing core-players:

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Collier, who set a Renegades record with 12 quarterback sacks this season, entertained retirement last week due to financial and family obligations.

The Dallas native was set to enter his option year, but said earlier this week that he and the team had agreed to re-work his contract for more money and a longer term, ensuring he will return in 2006.

"It was more a financial matter," Collier said. "They said they would love to have me, so I'll be coming back."

Renegades general manager Forrest Gregg did not return phone messages yesterday.

Tailback Josh Ranek, wide receiver Jason Armstead and halfback Korey Banks were also voted to the East Division all-star team. Armstead was also named the division's best kick returner in balloting by the Football Reporters of Canada and the CFL's nine head coaches.

It was Ranek's third straight election to the East all-star team. He was Ottawa's only divisional all-star in 2004, but has never been named a CFL all-star. Five Renegades earned divisional all-star selections in 2003 and two received such honours in 2002.

Armstead, Banks and Collier were all first-time all-stars. Banks led the CFL with 10 interceptions while Armstead ranked second in the league with 3,353 combined yards.

Collier's sack total tied for second in the CFL and he also intercepted three passes. He tied a CFL record in July with five sacks in a game against the B.C. Lions. Collier, who turns 26 today, spent most of 2004 on the practice roster, his first year in the league, and was playing for close to league's $35,000 minimum salary.

Meanwhile, Ottawa native Jeff Pilon, an offensive tackle with the Calgary Stampeders, was named a West Division all-star for the first time.

I guess you have to give them credit in trying to sign their players to long term deals, but it is unheard of in trying to sign players to long(er) non traditional 3-4 year deals. They just recently signed a few players a couple of weeks ago. But, it is worrisome how apparently they have shown little(or no) interest in their meal tickets, Josh Ronek and Kerry Joseph. I dont get it? Its that strange dinosaur connenction of Jenkins and Gregg.

Ranek and Joseph want to wait to see who signs with the Gades b4 they, themselves, commit...both have said they're taking a wait-and-see approach.

i think the Gades are trying to follow the stampeders method of success...sign key-players to long term contracts to ensure the builing blocks are there for a number of years, then tinker with the rest.

But, so far, these early Renegade progress-reports are promising!

I am just afraid how these two top players and other potential free agents will be shying away because of the dinosaurs and the perception how the circus is back in town.

the key is, definitely, the singings of Ranek and Joseph....if they sign, then other free-agents will know its the place to go and they are serious about building a winner

....if those two leave, then i doubt anyone will want to go to ottawa.

good for the gliebs and the ottawa have to wrap up your fa early, that in itself sends the right message they are committed to winning.......I would agree with resigning Ranek but IMO opinion Joseph is over rated as a starter in this league and the gades could immediately become a contender if they get better at qb.

True Joseph has been inconsistent all year round, but when he is on his game he can be one of the best QB's in the league. Plus he is only I believe 31-32 and that is still young for the position and which it takes sometime into the early 30's to fully develop. If not Joseph, there is currently no alternative. I have seen Banks and he has great potential, but is still a rookie.

remember when ottawa fans said the same thing about Damon Allen?

With Maas going to Hamilton and Printers on the move to the East(?), all of a sudden the East could be the strength of the league in 06. Why not think about the possibility of Crossover into the West. Wouldn't that be a slice.

it sucks that the East is ONLY 4 teams.

it would be nice to see Halifax Expansion BEFORE the current TV deal expires.
...then they could command MORE than $20 mil per year, being coast-to-coast.

if they sign a new 5 year deal ( after current one expires ) for 20 mil, THEN halifax comes in, the league isnt getting its fair share for 4 years of that 5 year deal.

i dont know why i started talkin expansion here, but, OH

I agree the expansion topic is nauseating, but is crucial and as we all agree the sooner the better for the league and the East. The latest I guess on the Halifax front, is how they will be bidding for either the 2012 or 2014 Commonwealth Games and or the 2011 Summer games. Still way way too far away. We need a new team 2- 3 years maximum. Also, yes agree the new TV deal must be at least $20M for 5 years.

when does the current deal expire?...2007?

i think they signed the deal in 2002 for 5 years at 12 mill per year...that was when the ratings were lower than they are now.

2002 CFL games on the CBC were averaging 450,000 per game
2005 reg season CFL games on CBC were averaging 462 000 ( remember labour dispute )

2002 TSN were average of 336,000.
2005 reg season TSN averaged 395 000

which means they NEED to have halifax in the league by 2007, in order to command more than 20 million per year in the next deal

current math ( ratios using the current 12 million per year ) suggest the new deal will be 14 million per year without halifax.

NOTE the CIS broadcast was just talkin about CFL expansion to

Two more years, This is year 3 of 5. TSN would be smart to attempt to negotiate a new long term pack

Current deal is for $9M per year for the package sold to TSN only. In turn, TSN flipped and sold the weekend, playoffs and Grey Cup to CBC. I would package to TSN only for the same number of games as this year(55) for $20M. Then, the league should package the balance being Saturday night, Sunday, playoffs and Grey Cup for another $5-10M per year. Another cash cow could also be naming rights to the Grey Cup at $10M per year.