Glieb's dumping the Gades?

If this is in fact true then the circus is totally back in town.

When will there ever be any discussion about football and not this front office crap...

This team is officially curse.... 25year with out a winning anything.

Melnyk!! This is chump change for him.

Not to worry what people don’t understand that Gliebs signed for a guarentee three years, they cant fold the team, what is wrong with you Ottawa people know your facts

They can fold the team of course they would be sued but they have the cash to do it.

"Ottawa, the circus has been here twice". that should be the Gades moto from now on.

Here's a prediction, and I'm taking bets.

There will NOT be football in Ottawa this year.

....good thing, too!

The Gades are an embarrassment to the league, always have been.

Sack the franchise, and the sooner the better.

The big question is should the league run it for a while like they have for other teams in the past? Or is CFL football dead in Ottawa, period, regardless of who steps up to the plate? Has the cookie crumbled completely? I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this one unfortunately.

I think the league will keep the team in Ottawa. The TV deal probably requires them to.
This is starting to look more and more like a stand off between Bernie G and Bill Smith over who pays what. Maybe thats why the office staff was cut, as the Glibermans possibly felt Smith should be paying them seeing he is suppose to own 49%.
To me it would make sense for Melnyk to take over the team and mold the football marketing in with the hockey, and hire a good football man to run the Rens (Tillman?). With the salary cap and TV deal, football should be viable in Ottawa once the fans saw some stability. The corporate people would come on side as well if the Senators were involved.
Just my opinion.

I think that the idea of melnyk buying the team is a great idea,you never know it could happen.Yo grandgalop why you chirpin the gades?who'sur team?I will make a solid GUARANTEE,not a prediction:the gades will make the playoffs and challenge for the grey-cup if there is a season,so less chirpin and let's focus on the survival of the renegades.

This is really Pissing me off the Gliebs are no more then Cowards in Ottawa. They screwed the RoughRiders and now they are doing it to the Gades. It's sad to see this happen.

My Prediction is simple, the Gades will survive 2006 and surprise people, not saying they make playoffs or not but they will be competitive for sure and all you sour grapes are going to complain about what?

Ooops, looks like you're wrong, again. :lol: