Glieberman wants to move Renegades

except missing the nation's cap. Ottawa losing it's CFL team again just isn't good.

Glieb wants to make money like anyone else, its a good sign that he is willing to shell out big bucks for the home town boy Palmer, if the fans dont respond I dont think you can blame it all on him.

Well i was at the game. Ouch...what a blow out, with that said there were still some nice plays by Ottawa.

You should have seen how many people stoped and watched the half time show. That was awesome. Who ever thought that up, give them a raise.

The problem with Ottawa is the fans, the local governmentand the attitudes of some of the football operations.

#1. The fans.
C'mon. Go to the game. I paid 30 bucks to go. What a bargain. Hve you been to a movie and bought popcorn? These guys help out in the comunity. Josef was signing footballs and collecting money for huricaine Katrina. Class act. That is just an example of what they do for the comunity.

they jump all over the Gleibs for the Mardi-gras promotion. The gleib's were kicking people out who flashed. Sounds like they were trying to keep it on the straight and norrow. Next they were going to ticket tailgators. Gees, loosen the ties!! Let some people play. Leave the football fans alone. They are not the major trouble makers.

When will they realise that there are 300 000 french people living withing 20 miles of the stadium. I hear Montreal is sold out! Most of them are french! Hats off to the Glieb's, they have been hitting some of the french stations with advertising. Fill the stands, who cares if they are french or english or anything else...they will have one thing in common....FOOTBALL!!!

P.S. The half time show was AWESOME. It needs a second mention!!!

The ARGOS , had years of laughible is amazing that we are still here. The press hated us......ROSIE.....from the TORONTO STAR, wrote an article.........." Argos ,we don't need you , the CFL is as boring as GOLF IS"

She also wrote about the fact that people don't like TORONTO because they brag. " ask me, if I care " .What a wanker.

And , I will not even mentioned the articles by STEVE SIMMIONS of the TORONTO SUN , when GODFREY was there.......which he know deniens writing...........what a phoney jerk.............and forget THE FAN sports radio.

OTTAWA , can survive this too.......but you are complaining to the wrong people , here.......WRITE THEM..............write your press...........1 letter will not, work but 5 will.......believe me, I am on YOUR SIDE , you just have to see it.Most of us are.We see the importance of a team in OTTAWA in the CFL.

The Gades aren't going anywhere. Give Lonie a chance and a full off season to put his stamp on the team.

For the last time - actually, it won't be, because devils advocates left, right and centre will keep saying so as long as it's popular - the Renegades are NOT going anywhere.

Sure, there are a couple of knocks against the Renegades:
-American owner.
-The Gliebermen have been there once before, and failed.
-Losing team.
-Mardi Gras promotion.
-New team.
-Years of bad ownership.

But let's take an objective look at this, instead of jumping on the bash-a-CFL-team bandwagon (ever notice how much easier it is to jump onto a "screw Ottawa" bandwagon, than an "Ottawa will be fine" bandwagon?!?)
-Montreal has an American owner. (I'm pretty sure)
-The Gliebermen are businessmen, and they're trying to make their business succeed. They didn't ruin the Rough Riders as much as Horn Chen did. They've had the guts to COME BACK to the CFL. They're not just in it to screw people over! Seriously - there is no reason for them to be in it just for that!
-The team should make the playoffs this year.
-Mardi Gras was ruined because of that bitchy councilwoman, and because for some reason, the media won't embrace the team.
-The "honeymoon" period for an expansion team is over - it's time to make a football team.
-Years of bad ownership can be forgotten with a winning football team - or with stability from the current owners.

Geez, lets stop with the extremist, alarmist drivel ... please ... the Gades are staying put.

Excellent post…you got it. To be fair they also missed the football drafts and couldn’t keep or get many players.Plus 0 promotion leading up to the season.

The problem also lie with the press.They are quite negitive.

I think that OTTAWA is lucky that the GLIEBS took this on? Why bother? With out them, there would be no team at all.

The press has to give them some time and not whine about TOGA parties.

Another excellent post…and the GREY CUP 2004 in OTTAWA was just the best GREY CUP that I have ever been to.BEFORE THE GAME. I met A.C. from Montreal…he like my wife… :lol:…he is a really , NICE GUY.

That CUP was great. :smiley: