Glieberman wants to move Renegades

I have it on good authority that the Glieberman's are trying to ruin the Ottawa franchise so they can justify moving the team to Windsor. I know Windsor doesn't have a stadium and the CFL wouldn't likely allow it, but I the person that told me this is connected.

Glieb's goal is to make the team so bad the fans won't show up so he can justify the move. Doubt it? Look how he abandoned the team for a Shreveport franchise. Now the Glieb's live in Detroit, so Windsor is closer for them.

Thoses statments could been seen as , lible.Do you have proof other than hear say?

OTTAWA, football fans will ruin OTTAWA by not buying tickets.PERIOD.

There are better places to go than WINSOR, like QUEBEC CITY or HALIFAX.

Hmmm, he might be onto something though...Togo night, Mardi Gras night, the Cheerleader thing..... Loonie's doing his best to drag the team down!

Those are just promotions.........what was OTTAWA's attendence last night?............Ottawa , not getting any fans is always some one elses's fault, it is never the people of OTTAWA.

This game was in SEPTEMBER and on a THURSDAY.......what are the excuses this time?

I have no opinion on this particular case but it has happened before with the ALS and whats his face. He wanted an NFL team but the ALS were in the way. Unfortunately he succeeded in his mission, well half of it.

No basis for this. Do you think the Glieberman's got back into this to lose money? Part of the dark cloud that seems to hang over Ottawa is brought on unnecessarily. timo75 are you by any chance a citizen of Ottaw? Just curious. It's simple...either Ottawa wants a team or doesn't. If so get behind them and support them win or lose. Let them feel the love. Take an example from Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. I tip my hat to the 19,000 Ottawa fans that came out to see their team and say boo to the rest.

Get off the Glieberman's. They're trying and spending their money.

No excuse for only 19,000 to show up last night. Ottawa has been doing well this season, and should have had at least 22,000 to see if they could potenitally snap BC's unbeaten streak. 19,000 fans is pathetic.

I agree that 19000 is pathetic and I was there and am a season ticket holder. But being a left coaster myself I remember just a few short years ago 4 to be exact when BC was getting that number or less and look how they turned it around. A few years ago no one in BC was talking about the Lions and now they are the talk of the town. So if BC can do it give Ottawa a chance. What turned BC around was stability on the team and producing a winner or a least making progress each year. That is all we ask here in Ottawa now. When a team sputters for decades it is hard to have your heart ripped out year after year with no improvement.

Agreed bartsimpson, but the Ottawa team isn't so bad this year. They are in contention for first place. You'd think for a matchup against BC (that only comes once a year) that more would show up.

I was critical of BC fans when we were putting up similar numbers, too.

I make no bones about the fact that the crowds we're getting in Ottawa are poor, but let's put it in perspective. It wasn't too long ago that Toronto, Hamilton and B.C. had far less fan support than we have now.

What turned those franchises around was 1. A consistent, quality team, and 2. strong ownership. At this point, Ottawa does not have #1, as witnessed by the badly uneven play the last couple years. While it appears we might have #2, we've yet to see any benefit from it.

I don't think the Windsor rumours are at all founded. It really doesn't make any sense to have this team anywhere but in Ottawa. That said, it's time for the Gliebermans to do something about this season before it slips away. If Forrest Gregg is the intelligent, connected football guy he's supposed to be, let's get some guys in here pronto, like every other team is.

I think bartsimpson makes a good point. Stability is the key and creates an optimism for the future. What if Wally Buono was to take the reins of coach and GM in Ottawa next year. Would the fans have a more positive outlook? :?:

Ottawa is an interesting situation. People have to remember that they haven't made the playoffs since they have come back and the ownership situation hasn't been great. The Gliebermans are good to have for sure, but not as good as the new local owners in Hamilton and Toronto. And there seems now to be some funny thing going on with all the older people who live in the neighborhood around Frank Clair Stadium who don't like football or football fans.
However, all this said, Ottawa put on a great Grey Cup last year. So what is the answer? Number one, they need to make the playoffs, this would help. Number two, eventually the Gliebermans will have to really connect, and I mean really connect, to the community there like Bob Young has done in Hamilton. This will be much more difficult maybe, than in Hamilton as the Gliebermans are American, but I think they should be able to do it. It is too bad they couldn't move the stadium out of that neighborhood who seem to want the stadium out of their neck of the woods very much. This is not good. Here in Hamilton, the opposite situation occurs, the stadium is in a lower class area and the people don't have the clout of and I think many like the stadium in their neighborhood, I would assume, the more affluent Glebe folk. Bob Young made the stadium and the neigbourhood around the stadium here WiFi capable, and this was a good thing for those, including the kids, the connect to the Internet wireless.

But something right now seems very wrong with the Gades, losing as they are and I don't know what is going on there. I will say this much, if they don't make the playoffs this year or next, the Gades are finished forever in Ottawa, just my prediction. Also, people seem to like going to the hockey arena there in Kanata, eventually maybe Ottawa will have to have a stadium in the burbs, in a field away from everyone, to survive, I don't know.

I find it funny that when the Gades are winning, Lonie's name is nowhere to be found, but once they start losing, he's got to shoulder all the blame. He's doing his part to bring fans to the game, but the d@mn city of ottawa doesn't know how to have any fun.

I say leave Lonie alone, don't forget that he took over the team during training camp and at that point, only had about 4000 season tickets sold. So to get 19-20,000 to the games is pretty good considering what he had to work with. Give him a full off season to get his stamp on the club before you start to judge him.

Windsor? c'mon!

the G's are doing good for Ottawa.

I heard Saskatchewan is looking for a football team.Why don't they move them there!!!LOL

. . .ooh. . .cheap shot. . . :smiley:

.....zing! good one, though.....

See Jm02 all in fun.

I agree call it the Glieb factor that his hurting this teams attendance. If they were silent partners to a local ownership group you would see larger crowds. What Ottawa has is Ftroop East!

The fans will come if all the pieces are in place. Good ownership, good management and a good team. Does anybody see all of these in place. BC.

they should stay in ottawa...3-4 years they will have a great team with high attendance.

BUT, if anything...they should move to quebec city or halifax....if they move to one of those, then the other would get the 10th expansion team and finish the map that is CFL