Glieberman Brothers going after Kenton Keith

First they went after drug banned Ricky Williams, seems they got a tingle up their leg at having the former NFL star in their company.

They then try to bring in Casey Printers while Allen/Bishop where getting the job done,even though they had no cap room.

They then bring in the Premadonna Joseph from Sask because again they got a tingle up their leg at being in the company of a MOP.

they then cut loose the loyal and reliable Prefontain to bring in a guy that is not better than Prefontain. Again because PINBALL/GLIEBERMANS had another tingle up their leg because Vanderjack (a good guy) stood on NFL fields. NFL FIELDS really send tingles up GLIEBERMANS/PINBALLS leg...Actually I think they get woody`s over the NFL.

Then they really do it by cutting last years 11-1 starter Bishop...we have covered this one from all angles and yes I know most of you have the Gliebermans talking points on this they only won games because of D etc, SAVE IT FOR SUNDAY!

Now the THREE GLIEBERMAN BROTHERS are reportedly set to make KK the highest paid RB in the CFL, because he played 1 year I think in the NFL??? KK gives them tingles and hard ons it seems because he was in the NFL???

I left out a whole lotta stuff and players that may have been questionably cut...Steinauer,Miles etc etc.
Glieberman brothers where actually set to fire coach Stubler for all the failures. This is perhaps the worst of all if it had happened. I am not really for or against Stubler. The thing is he was not allowed full control as prommised, he was against many/most of the moves the Glieberman brothers made.


Pinball Clemons claims to be a Christian (I AM SURE THAT HE IS BTW) but the way he has behaved towards fellow Christian Michael Bishop and the way he was prepared to have poor Rich Stubler fired for the failures of the GLIEBERMAN BROTHERS....


I must correect you Argofanone...the first thing the "Glieberman Brothers" did was rescue the Argos from folding. Had they not done that there would be no Argos...

Also, the real Gliebermans caused nothing but heartache to football fans in our Nations Capital. Under Sokolowski & Cynamon, the Argos have been Grey Cup contenders each year.

Any arguments for these two facts?

How did Gliebermans save Argos?

Ok, so who are you referring to as the “Glieberman Brothers”??

The big mistake in hind sight was making the best Def Co-or in the league a head coach, and then forcing Kerry Joseph on him.
It's easy to second guess now, but I wonder how good the Argos would be right now if they still had kept Prefontaine, Bishop, Younger and Steinauer. Stubler at Def Co-or and Pinball as HC.

DB I am willing to say they would be a better team for sure. This team blows right now. Montreal is showing how bad the Argos are this season. I am an Argos fan for sure but I really don't like the moves they made. At least they had a defense other seasons but this season they don't even have that.

I think if Stubler doesn’t win this Friday against Winnipeg, they may have to make the move. To bad because he is a defensive genious.

I forgot that if the Argos hadn't made those moves they would have still have January at OT which is one of the weak spots.

Adam Rita or Pinball should get on the phone to Mike Pearson and say Mike please come up and finish the season for us at LT. After all he left them in a bind by retiring on the eve of training camp.

Then they could move Davis to RT, move Ramsey to LG to replace St. John or at least alternate with him. Jude is getting past his shelf life IMO.

One way or other they have to get better at tackle if the running game is going to improve.
There are some NFL vets out there as FA's. Rob Petitti 6'06 330, Cory Lekkerkerker 6'05 300, Clint Oldenburg 6'05 300. These guys have all started some games in the NFL and are still fairly young.
Another one would be Trey Darilek 6'05 300 who played well for Edmonton last year but would still be their property.
Has Adam any draft choices left. lol

But something has to be done IMO if they are serious about trying to win this year.

Bishop had 4 td passes today and led Sask to another. How many td`s did Joseph have today???

Gil The Thrill was one of my favorite Argo Running backs...Gil my post was just my opinion, call it my op ed :slight_smile:

the glieberman brothers didnt save the argos.

-they still play at that dump rogers centre.

-backed outta stadium deals at u of t, york, the ex.

-still go after ex-con nfl thugs.

-still dont spend money on the coaching staff, they always have the smallest coaching staff in the league, and still dont hire a qb coach.

-have an outdated 3-4 defence, with a bunch of old guys, its time to go a 4-3 defense, the cfl is a pass-first league, and you need a 4 linemen on the pass rush.

-the argos still dont get respect from toronto, they need their own stadium and they need to get games on another radio network and create their own media channel.

-stop the revolving door at running back and offensive line, find some players and stick with them.

I still feel the Argos made the wrong move bringing in KJ. It cost them more that just good players. I love Bishop & am not surprised he is doing well out west.

As for Kenton Keith, I hope he lands elsewhere, the Argos must upgrade the tackle positions before they can have any offence & the way Pre was traded could have been handled better.

It is not that I don't agree with most of your opinion, I just don't think you can compare the Argo ownership with the Gliebermans..

Maybe we will get'em on Friday night Argofanone...:slight_smile:

Well Gil, I am afraid I will have to change my name from Argofanone, because I am rooting against the Argos since they traded Bishop.

In fact I would love to see the Bishop lead Riders kick the crap out of the Argos in the last game of the season for both clubs

You already do have/had 10 other screenames, whats one more huh? How about "Icheerforfirstplace", then we will always know what team you are currently cheering for.

I wonder, who do you cheer for when Bish retires in 2 years?

Who do you cheer for Touchdown? I hear its the Hamilton franchise. LOL, ya I thought so. A team that has gone through 25 coaches, hundreds of players, plays in a crumbling stadium, and finished last place in the last 5 years.

God bless Bob Young and his intentions, but the Ti-Cats fans have no business trashing other teams. Especially when everything you list, the Cats have done so much better. LOL, I feel sorry for ya buddy. So sad.

at least the ticats dont sign ex-cons like:

-hakim hill
-bernard williams
-rj soward
-robert baker
-andre "bad moon" rison
-david boston
-kenyatta walker
-richard "pimpjuice" siegler