Glenn's Problem

I noticed tonight that when Toronto sent 4 men or less to rush Glenn, he looked sharp, stayed in the pocket, and delivered the ball for a nice gain. But on plays where the Argos Blitzed, even when it was the most obvious of blitzes with 8 men stacked on the line, Glenn failed to recognize this and panicked right off the snap. I don't understand why Glenn can't recognize this and either call an audible or hit the hot read, but I noticed many times tonight when the blitz was obvious and Glenn did nothing to change the play or solve the problem some other way. This is also the fault of coach Gibson to however, as he needs to call more screens to subdue the blitz.

It akes more than just the QB to adjust to a blitz.

It takes more than just the QB but it's his job to recognize it and make the change, and Glenn couldn't recognize the most obvious of blitzes.

But you did recognize them? In real time or did you go home and watch tsn2? It's amazing that you know what Glenn did or didn't see. Trust me, he saw more than you did.

at the end of the game started finally using the hot route / screen to cobb. i think they should roll glenn out more myself too.

the only thing wrong with Glenn is his speed! He is a great quarter back! :wink:

On his clutch(at the time) touchdown run, he looked to be in the zone and had some good speed too :smiley:

EDIT: Also, I hate to say it.. but I feel more comfortable with Glenn behind center over Porter. I don't know what it is yet, maybe it's his experience or just the way he is always calm and collected in the pocket..

I disagree.

There were plenty of times he recodnized the blitz and threw the ball away. A lot of them were deep.

So, he did his part to get rid of the football.

Question are, was a blocking assignment missed?, Wrong play calls by coaches resulting in not enough blockers to pick up blitz?, Are receivers not recognizing blitz and failing to adjust accordingly?

I thought Glenn was fine for the most part.

I also notice another problem of Glenn's. He can't throw on the run. Many times when we rolled the pocket or he was flushed, he couldn't hit the wide open receivers.

With all do respect to Box J Forever...I cannot describe Glenn as a GREAT Quarterback...frankly he has never truely been great even at his very best MVP year...He is a capable QB with ok arm strength and average mobility...He consistantly over throws receivers or simply hurls it up hoping...To be great need great tools and great descision making..Glenn has neither

Right, and so far neither does Porter. That's why we're a .500 team right in the middle of the pack with most of the other teams.

Yep in the CFL you dont have time to audible

8) How right you are "Diabolus", how right you are !!!!

So, if he has 'ok arm strength', why is it that he 'consistently overthrows receivers'? Seems like a contradiction in terms. If you would have said 'underthrows...' , then it makes more sense.
Pls explain it to my little, undersized brain....

:? :? :?


Dont worry brain is undersized as well...I make up for it in other areas...

My view on Glenn is....he is not a threat to go deep...because he does have average arm strength...he over throws passes in the mid range.,,,that has nothing to do with arm strength...more often it has to do with decision making in my opinion...he hurls it like a man out of control ...

Exactly. There is nothing to lose starting either QB but the question becomes what is there to gain. On a .500 club likely to make the playoffs either way the one thing to be gained is finding out if we have a QB to take us to the next level or whether we need to start over. Glenn isn't the QB to take us forward IMO but rather a very valuable veteran insurance policy. Porter is the unknown. Time to find out if Porter is the future is this season when we are still growing rather than next season when most of the pieces will be in place to make a serious run at the cup. There is no danger to Glenn's future if he is used as a backup. The same is not true of Porter

Well said....

Anyone else notice that Glenn does not look to any other receivers then the intended one? Perhaps if he were to look down field to the opposite side and then turn back and fire he might have a better outcome. He is so easy to read. I would have thought a seasoned veteran like himself should have that engraved in his mind.

Just my two cents.


I'd rather be a .500 team with a young QB than a .500 team with a vet QB