Glenn's Off Day

Kevin Glenn did not come to play today IMHO. This could be seen in his passing game only, of course, since he has no
running game to fall back on. His passing was atrocious with balls thrown behind receivers and into crowds.

Bellefeuille puts Porter in late in the game and the situation worsens. Folks around me are saying that in fairness to Porter,
he hasn't played in a game for months. Immediately, I am compelled to look at a similar situation on the Alouette's
offense where Kevin McPhearson has just come off a nine game injury list. While on the Injury List, I presume that
McPhearson wasn't even able to take a snap for a couple of months and yet he played exceptionally well. (on out turf)
At least Porter had the advantage of attending every practice and taking snaps and staying within his routine,
supposedly as our backup QB. Lets face it, he was terrible! Personally, I don't know if Trafalis would be any better,
but I know he isn't any worse.

I am not now nor ever have been a fan of Quinton Porter. It appears that our QB rebuild remains incomplete, but that's
just me and my opinion.

I can't help feeling that there yet remains a lot of work to do on this team. We have beaten two teams this year; Toronto and Winnipeg. Both of these teams, during the off season, were picked by sports experts around the country to go
nowhere anyway. Actually, I think they are playing better than most of us gave them credit for.

Is it time to make some personnel moves? If it is, I wouldn't want to see wholesale changes, but we could sure use
some tweaking IMHO. For me, another area of concern remains the Offensive Coordinator. I'm not seeing a whole lot
of imagination or innovation from this guy. If the team replaces him, I'm sure that won't happen until after our final game.

Might have help a little if he recievers caught the ball!
This was the worst game i have seen all season!

From what I saw Quinton Porter was a step up on Glenn today, though they both played poorly.

The positive with Porter is when the O-Line can’t hold up, he can scramble. Glenn doesn’t have that ability.

To suggest that things offensive got worse when Porter came in is laughable, you couldn’t get any worse from what Glenn offered us today.

Montreal is a good team, we are an average team. Let’s move on. Glenn will put the pieces back together next week.

They are never going to win with Bellefuille. He's a collegiate or high school calibre coach and at best a mediocre one at that. He does not understand how to win against any good teams and his victories are more often squeakers. Grey Cup? I'd be doubtin' it. He has never had a winning record.

Not laughable at all. Porter was 2 for 5 for 15 yards and a pick. Porter is still a one read and run QB. He threw behind the receivers. The pick he threw was atrocious. Very similar to Glenn's pick. Both threw it into double coverage. I used to be a fan of Porter's, but not anymore. He showed today that he has not grown at all as a player. It's time he was either demoted or let go.

An even bigger problem is Maurice Mann. We gave up Chris Thompson for this guy? We were completely fleeced, and by Danny Maciocia of all people.

You can easily say it was laughable...
Porter sucked and couldn't hit the side of a building.

A running qb is only good if he can also throw the ball.

Glenn looked scared today and not confident. Als will do that to you though, they are good. Yes, Porter couldn't do anything.

We need to go back to the drawing board. Glenn is still our no. 1 guy though, he had a bad, bad game. Ok, on to the next one.

He might have looked scared and not confident, but we were still in the game when we decided to move to Porter. The move was stupid and horrible coaching.


Glenn wasn't producing, and Bellefeuille mixed it up a bit.

Had Porter lit it up, we wouldn't be having this conversation now, would we?

I'm all for Coach Bellefeuille. His team let him down today.


I disagree, Glenn couldn't get anything going. Moving to Porter was a good decision, something had to change in an attempt to kick-start the Offense. It didn't work, at least we tried (a little too late personally). The score may have said we were in that game, but watching it from inside Ivor Wynne I can tell you we weren't in that game after the opening kickoff.

It was arguably their best game (on Labour Day) followed up by their worst, today.

It might be a good wake up call for the lads. They may not be as good as they think.

Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Montreal are still the class of the league.


I was there as well and your always in the game...
We all know Porter cant do anything, so bringing him into the game when were only down by 2 scores in the third is just bad coaching.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I felt last week after the blocked punt, the Argo's were no longer in the game. It was just a poor effort on a whole by our team.

But Porter didn't "light it up" and what Makaveli is saying is far from "horsecrap." Porter comes in for two or three series? Then they put Glenn back in? What was the point? It was a terrible coaching decision. Porter just doesn't have it, and as someone who has spent a lot of time defending the guy, that's not easy to say.

IMHO they should have gone to Porter for one series of plays to give Glen a break and an opportunity to see what was happening defensively. It was way too early to go to Porter. I don't put this on Glen at all. His BIGGEST mistake today was consistently going to Marquais McDaniel who dropped almost every ball that was thrown to him. Add a couple more passes to Thigpen that were also dropped.
Is there something wrong with our OC and head coach that they don't know enough to throw the ball to two of the best receivers in the league. Throw to Bruce and Stala for Gawds sake. What's wrong with you....

...this is still wrong, & you said it.
Glen / receivers didn't produce & the Porter gets put in & then pulled.....for Glenn? Were was Trafalis? If you wan't to give time to your other QB's then do so but to go back to what you thought wasn't working shows / tells the tail that you don't have confidence in # 2 OR 3........bad coaching Head Coaching decision is what is was.


Well I think everyone is too easy on this guy. Yes some balls were dropped but they were dropped by guys who have been making this guy look good all year. When they have a bad day then people can see just how bad Glenn is at missing his receivers. This guys is not a money quarterback! Neither is Porter at this time. We got beat by a second string QB who we made look good or he is just that good. Look at his stats!

It is time to cut mustard on our QB situation, bring up the young talent Porter and Tafralis or cut them loose for a first string QB with Glenn as the backup. Both young guys seem to have the talent yet we are not teaching or nurturing that talent so give them a chance to play elsewhere.

The score flattered us, if Calvillo was playing it would have been an embarassment, but it would have been a privilege to watch a master working in his art!

Glenn was playing like poop.
Porter had a chance to light things up, and played like poop.
Tafralis probably didn't have his head in the game (you know - the whole "his dad is hurt and famiy's house was destroyed in the gas-line explosion" thing) and that would be a recipe for disaster (meaning his health - the game was already a disaster).
The receivers played like poop. AB3 seemed like the only one that was playing with any passion. Mann, McDaniel, Thigpen, Cobb, etc played like poop.
The O-line played like poop. Pathetic pass protection, and terrible run blocking (maybe that's why we have such a terrible run offence?).
Good pressure by the D-line and linebackers. Barker played well too.
The secondary played decently.
Referees let too much holding and illegal blocking go for the Als.

Give us a break. Glen is among the top QBs in the league. Didn't he just win most outstanding offensive player of the week last week? The offensive co-ordinator gives Glen crap to try to turn into something. Glen is fine. His receivers "primarily McDaniel" let him down big time today and our lack of running game doesn't help.
Porter showed us once again that he is is not a starter, and likely not even a 2nd stringer. Tafralis should likely be our 2nd stringer.

Our pass protection was non-existent today. Probably due in large part to the fact that the Als didn't need to respect our running game. Glenn was getting clobbered on nearly every play, and had to rush a lot of throws. More rollouts might have helped. It's frustrating that we don't really run screens or draws, but I think it's because good defenses tend to read them well.

I agree with the decision to put Porter in, if only as a tactic to try and mitigate our inability to handle Montreal's pass-rush. Porter was unable to make the most of the opportunity.