Glenns Arm

ok last weekend i broke my arm too so i know your pain glenn but has anyone heard anything about when he gets his cast off, and when he will be able to throw a football again. O ya does anybody know where he broke it?

well i would think by now the cast is off, and he is busting his balls in rehab because his job depends on it. all i know is that its upper arm.

...last word from Taman was that Glenns arm has healed quite's his palm that really needs attention now....he would like to see a lot of cash cross it//// :lol: :wink:

Good one paps, his arm will heel...his knee's are in question. He's a very good QB, hope his knee's hold up, for one more year...before major knee surgery. Go Kevin..

It wasn't his throwing arm so I can't see it being a problem

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here you go guys an article in the winnipeg sun about it.