Glenn's academy award performance

First off....I have no problem with the penalty...Its the acting that makes me laugh!

Look for a flag...look for a flag, NO FLAG! Oh the pain the pain!

Give it a rest, it is called everytime, same as the roughing the kicker. Read the rules.

Did you ACTUALLY read my post?

Try reading it again!

And if you dont like what I post.....dont open the threads

I think more or less he was frustrated it was a incomplete pass. regardless of the 15 yards you get, its still nice to have the ball caught!

That is a possibility

That is how i read it.

Regardless of this case and wether or not Glenn was frustrated or fainting. The officiating continues to be bad now matter what the league tries to do to the point that it is partof the identiy of the league. :frowning:

That there can't be any argument.

The point I was making W, was that the first thing I said was "I have no problem with the call!"

There was no reason to be telling me to read the rules!

My problem with you RO, is your complete contempt you have for a team you just beat 103-7.

Give it a rest.

Check out the forum guidelines.

This is the Mtl section and you have no say here!

We get to say whatever we want without here and you dont get a say....Dont like what I say....To bad! Its all in the guidelines.

Contempt for a team! Get real!
You think too highly of yourselves.
It really makes me laugh when a ticact fans comes here and doesnt like it when we complain about the refs!

Ticat fans are the worst!
Every Game you lose last year was the fault of the refs!
The refs hate your team
Its a conspiracy!
Its the league fault
The refs dont want you to win!

Your forum is full of threads like that!

You give it a rest!

And then read the guidelines!

......Wait till the cats fans get to see Glenns big sulk when things start to go real bad....and the over-reacting to an average hit...One thing that is for real though is his wonky knees and the braces........ :roll:

....definitely a penalty on the play ......any contact with the qbs. head is going to get called...

Ok, hide behind your forum guidelines.

BTW, Calvillo is the worst (or best depending on which way you look at it0 for getting roughing the passer calls. Even touch him and the 'league's little darling' Calvillo gets a roughing the passer call.

Now go choke in the Grey Cup as you always do.

Als are unclassy, they came out on Fri night at the exact same time the Ticats came out (instead of when they were supposed to) and stole center field, where the home team normally meets upon their announcements.

Take your trolling somewhere else!
And learn something about the game before you talk!

How many TRP have ben called against Mtl opponents? Do you even know? I do! One!....

1 call in 12 games! Dont start posting your BS because all it does is show that you have no idea what you are talking about,,,,and that you are a troll

Looked like he was just upset with a dropped pass..

As for of the last things you think of is a crybaby who looks for RTP calls...maybe someone is a little jealous he wasn't wanted in Hamilton once upon a time :wink:

It took him a while to realise the pass was dropped! :wink:

??? i said that is the way i read his head movement, p off to have missed the pass.

I dont want to start and argument with you W
What I meant was,

I agree with the call, it was PI!(I even posted that) The point was the Acting by Glenn
There was no reason for you to tell me to drop it and read the rule book when I agree with the call

Read what you reply on, at least quote the right comment. Yes you agree with the call, sorry to jump to conclusion after 2 pages of complaioning about the refs calls.

AS i said before! I think its more or less frustration with droped passes. And I do agree A.C is a big cry Baby! but he is a incredible QB! Id take a crybaby good QB over a QB thats Decent that never complains! Plus the squeaky wheel gets the Greece right? ..Heh coming from a Crosby fan who is a GIANT cry Baby doesn't say much tho :stuck_out_tongue:. I gingerly come on here to see whats up, chat it up a bit, sure ill be a little bias, but who isn't for there team? GINGERLY I like this forum and other then when you guys beat us ha haha. As Iv said before If not Hamilton! Id like to see Al's go to and WIN the grey cup!!! A. So A.C Can retire and quit rubbing it into our face's what a loss were at by letting him go for nothing!
B. Currently my FAVOURITE! CFL player is Ben Cahoon I love him, he is SOO classy.
C Argo's suck and I want Peg to crash and burn so Kelly gets the boot!
As for people bugging you about the 1/5 for grey cups! They are jealous! Sure 4/2 would be better But who cares to have gone to the grey cup 7 times with in 10 years is WICKED! I sure would rather be 1/5 then be 1/No grey cup appearances in the last 10 seasons!assuming we don't win it this year

Same way I look at it! Although, it does hurt (especially when you witness it live :cry: )

Quarterbacks are the biggest babies out there. But they are the smartest and most key to the offense. When I use to play, I got so mad when someone hit me in the facemask, and I was on Defense!

I agree with you, I think it was out of frustration of the dropped pass. Its no fun being on the losing side of a blowout, and when you've had solid seasons, and probably figured he'd be a started when he got to Hamilton, and then you're fighting for a starting job, then your receivers drop balls.

But on a personal note, I do believe Kevin Glenn is overrated :twisted: