Any word on Glenn and his injury yet?

In brief chat he believes it will be good to go

I was horrified at posts on the CFL facebook calling his injury karma .. I know most.bomber fans are better than that and we have had some idiots as well.... Just hate to see folks celebrate an injury to any player. Glad to hear he is ok

Jones will impose a cone of silence on #5's injury. Even if he's not ready to go this week - he's a fast healer for a 38 yr old golden oldie.

I chatted with him for a fair amount of time today and he said it is bruised but should be fine....though may take one off so it ensures it heals up.

Glad to hear it.

Not sure what happened this past weekend. The Lions Travis Lulay goes down with a damaged ACL. He's gone for the season. The Redblacks Trevor Harris goes down with a shoulder injury. He may be out for weeks. The Roughrider's Kevin Glenn damages his throwing hand and is sidelined. 3 QBs in 2 days.

tis the reason why the Ti-Cats and Eskimos will not be moving any QBs, as injury's can and may happen

I think the cats will try to move Zach....totally agreed otherwise though. They will Chace Johnny football or Franklin

I concur. The Eskimos are not going to trade Franklin, or Reilly, during the season.

Once the season is done I suspect they will trade Franklin to which ever team is willing to give up the most so they have negotiating rights with him till his contract ends. [unless they elect to move on from Reilly for whatever reason].

I would guess that Franklin, unless he holds some type of allegiance to Jones, will wait it out and sign as a FA with whichever team offers him the best deal....

As far as Jimmy Franklin is concerned I'm sure Franklin's decision as to which 'bid' to accept will be determined by a number of factors:

  1. Pure money (isn't it always #1)
  2. Up front signing bonus (aka signing bonus)
  3. Potential for success with new squad
  4. o-line and supplementary blocking protection (guy doesn't wanna get badly nicked in his inaugural season as a CFL starter.

Based on the above information - with #1 being around the same for all bidders and #2 being fairly close I'd say the only teams you could rule out at this point are:

  1. Montreal Als
  2. Hamilton Ti-Cs

Next up - Winnipeg prolly doesn't make a pass at Franklin as they're pretty enamoured by Matt Nichols; unless Nichols suffers a tough injury....... Winnipeg is a stubborn group . . . . look at how far they've gone to protect an obviously ailing and weak defensive coordinator? No room for him in Calgary either so long as Bully Ray Mitchell is upright and healthy!

So the teams in Play -

BC - Ottawa - Sask'n - Hamilton - Montreal

Ottawa has the lowest odds right now, Montreal and Hamilton have fairly spotty rosters right now w/ no guarantee of upgrades - so by default the two teams who will go toe to toe are:

Sask'n and BC (BC is down a couple quarts right now with Lulay out for the season and no guarantee he can make another heroic return at 35)

Right now Johnny Manziel's agent is working a power play on the Ticats - either forcing them to sign Manziel or losing his neg rights

I suspect they'll try to move Collaros - or try to - before rostering/signing Manziel

Especially if they have a sniff of a playoff game!

But Franklin should end up in BC or Regina - with an outside chance the Rhodent decides that he wants to keep Franklin and trade Mad Hatter Reilly for a nice passel of assets!

I don't get how everyone is just giving Franklin a pass of being a success in this league. What are his achievements that warrant this? He's had a couple impressive relief appearances, but what else. Bridge has a few impressive (Stats wise) appearances that would rival what Franklin has done, and we are going to finally see a full game of what Bridge brings to the table, with the opposition pretty much scouting him out all week for his tendencies. Franklin has never been exposed to that IIRC as he has never been a starter for any game in his career. This could be Bridges week to prove himself beyond replacement for another who is what he is, at a hugely inflated price, IMO.

Gotta watch him. He seems to be for real.

So Bridge is starter this week then? Damn.
I'd love to see Bridge do good as a young Canadian QB, but he has some big problems with his game that I just don't see ever working out. His throwing motion is awful, he has a canon, but he takes to long to release the ball. This also makes hI'm less accurate. To much movement makes it harder to consistently place passes in the right spots.

I'd rather see them give Adams a chance, but apparently Bridge is their man.

With the long, laborious throwing motion I think Bridge will suffice vs. weak and positional type defenses - - - when he's challenged with vicious and persistent bull rushes he'll be hard-pressed to complete his normal checkdowns and release the ball in due time. Timing is everything - if he's given tons of time he'll be OK, facing men with malicious intent - his stats will drop and he'll either have to absorb some hellacious sackings or toss the ball prematurely, facing pick after pick!
He's 6'4" vs. Glenn's 5'8" so he should have some better views - but make no mistake Kevin Glenn never relied on his field vision, especially under duress - he basically threw to points

know what else combats a vicious persistent bull rush , the ability to take off with the ball just my opinion.

I am not the biggest Bridge fan....but he is the poster boy for good throwing motion compared to Adams

While a slow release is bad for checkdowns, the biggest concern is timing routes...and that is huge for this O and it is why the staff has been so frustrated at times in practice. Of the 3 backups...Williams honestly seems the best fit, even if he is not as accurate as the other 2

Slow releases on timing routs can be disastrous

FYI - Roster came out today. Glenn is listed as #1

Haven't really seen much of Adams tbh. If he has that bad of a motion then I guess Bridge will have to do. At least both are mobile..

Are we talking a Tim Tebow motion for Adams?

I am not sure if it is Tebow bad, but it is perhaps equal in a different way. I am not sure if it is "bad" but it is definitely "different" which makes it hard for OCs and QB coaches