Glenn will light up scoreboard

Kevin Glenn is coming to town and has been hot past few games. He has something to prove. Kelly called him names beginning of season. Same with Marshall. they past him up for HC job. Many ex Bombers are on Ti Cat team. Bishop has been to inconsistent and not reliable as a QB. This will not be same game when teams last played. Porter will not be in game. Time to get down to business. Ti Cats will take this game easily. I will be there to watch. It will not be a blue out. It will be a Black and blued Bomber team after game.

....i didn't know Glenn was an arsonist.....but by gum....if he tries to light-up our scoreboard I'll be reporting it to the local fire authorities....of more concern though is a 'so-called' Bomber fan pulling for the Cats....Are you sure you're a BigBlue supporter sanjay and not from Hamilton.... :roll: :lol: Sports Select ticket says the Ticats will win, so it's a forelorn conclusion, sorry papa...but there'll be great entertainment on CJOB after the fire, we can cozy around the Electrolux and have a listen...

Yup, a troll, just as suspected.

papa you know Glenn is hot and will light thinks up. You will need fire department to put out the fire in Bauers beard.
Yiiiiiiiiiiii HAAAAAAAA. I got my tickets, ready for the excitement. Let the show begin. :rockin: :rockin:

....'Yee Haw' there pardner, not entirely sure what you've got going there....

And how many times have your Sports Select tickets actually been correct?

It looks like the Bombers will have to beat Hamilton twice if they want to be put down by Montreal.
After seeing the toothless Lions get beatdown by the Eskimos, Hamilton has a HUGE incentive to snuff out the Bombers in the first game.

I don't think they can do it, but with Bishop as QB, nothing is for certain.

With Bishop it's a toss of the coin. Heads get's you Captain Interception with a 0 TD to 5 INT ratio and tail's get's you a 56% completions for 4 TD's and 350 yards passing Bishop. C'mon heads! :lol:

....many times, 'cept tonight, stupid Lions and their porcelain quarterbacks....btw, grow a sense of humour, if you start now it should be ready by training camp....

A lot depends on who is playing safety for The TigerrrCats- Sandy Beverage won,t get burned on the long bombs, shut the long pass down and Bish will self distruct :rockin:

This will be Glenns first meaningful game as a TiCat, should be interesting.

....just remember how good Glenn was for us last year in the crossover game against edm... he stunk......heh heh...the Cats are no shoe-in.... :wink:

As well papa, remember Bishop in the only two playoff games he's ever played. . . one with Toronto against you, one with Saskatchewan last season against BC. . . he stunk too, in both of them.

So the Bombers are no shoo-in either. Should be a fascinating game tomorrow ~!!

hey but do you remember the time he came in for Damon Allen and beat the snot outta the bombers in a playoff game.

Do you remember the time Glenn lead the Bomber's to the GC? I know I know ancient history, we shouldn't discuss the affairs of two years past.

....I wonder if Glenn can punt and kick field goals....he might have to as the Cats kicker Setta is out of action and will not play tomorrow......hmmmmmm :roll: