Glenn Wants To Start !!

Porter, if healthy, starts.
That there is the key.

i think Captain Kirk’s post is bang on accurate.

And, thinking more in the abstract. . . if any backup QB on my team did not want to start, then he wouldn’t be on my team for long. . . if you don’t have that fire in your belly, don’t have ambition, don’t want to be the starter, then I’ll give you a ticket out of town and bring in someone else who does.

I read the article … Thanks for suggesting I didn’t. He did not say he has played good enough so that he COULD start, he said “he believes his performance so far this season is enough for the team to consider changing the starting quarterback”

That to me is the same thing. He saying he's good enough to start.

No where did he say he should start, as you say. He did say the coaches determine who should start.

I guess we may be reading the same article and interpreting it two different ways. Hence the false assumption on my part that you did not read the article. My apologies for suggesting otherwise.

We just may be arguing sematics here. (shrug)

You emphasize that we've only won ONE game with Glenn coming off the bench, but he's still looked much better than Porter all 3 times: the problem in the losses is that Glenn was forced to try and play catch-up. If Glenn had been given the opportunity to start those games, the outcome may have been better.

Against Winnipeg, Glenn got the win.
Against Montreal, Glenn moved the ball and gave us the chance to score, but was put in too late to turn the game around.
Against Sask, Glenn had a weak 2nd quarter, but ultimately pulled us back into a tie from a 23 point deficit and gave us the chance to win.

You can see an obvious difference between them on the field in terms of how much more decisive Glenn is and how he delivers a more authoritative ball and gets rid of it more quickly. He's also less prone to staring down his receivers as we've seen Porter do quite a bit.

I see the logic of wanting to give Porter the experience he needs in order to have the chance to become a top notch CFL quarterback, but any argument that Porter is simply superior right now doesn't hold water.

There may be valid long-term reasons to start Porter. But objectively, based on current performance, Glenn would give us the best chance to win right now.

It's cool man .. I got my feathers ruffled when I really shouldn't have. I really don't have any business judging KG, and from what I can tell he is a team guy. I guess I just feel like his quote (although not intended) kind of read in between the lines like I have done a better job and deserve the start. Also, I am a big fan of QP and think with time he really can be the guy. Thanks for the apology !!

If [i]Winterland[/i] says it's cool, then it's gotta be cool!

Glenn should start, Ti Cats are lucky the east is week this year, if both TO and Winnipeg had winning records then i would bet the Ti Cats would be desperate for wins then you would see Glenn in, but since they are in decent shape you will probably see Porter in ( until Playoffs then it will be a different picture ) good to see them win.

It should be pointed out as well that Glenn failed to convert any 2nd downs. There were several points in the game where there was an opportunity for Glenn to run but he didn't. The one great advantage Porter has is his mobility and speed. I can't help but think if Porter had stayed in the game against Saskatchewan we would have won. Of course if Quinton is injured, that is a different story...

Not one 2nd down conversion, wow, it's a wonder we were even in the game at all to be honest.

Such an abject failure on 2nd down conversions despite scoring points in other situations points to coaching and scheming IMO.

The way I saw it, I'd chalk it up to abysmal execution.

100% accurate.

We aren't gaining enough on second down to fool a defense or at least make them stop for a minute to see if we might run the ball. Being in second and long, the DEs just pin their ears back, the linebackers drop and the DBs and safeties are ready for a throw. What will the defense give us, a check down to the RB, then they stop him short.

My old high school team probably has more of a variety on offense than the Cats do. Glenn and Porter aren't going to be highly successful in this offense. I want to whip someone 54-3 but it's not going to happen. We play basically for last possession. We aren't closing games early.

Don't get me wrong, we are competitive but we aren't blowing anyone away.

Porter may be a little bit behind Glenn but he is more than capable of leading this team into the playoffs. You have to let Porter get his reps and work through his struggles.

Glenn has played okay when he has come in. I have seen him with "happy feet" but he also brings a spark.

Both guys have won for us but the system we have right now is working. I hope this doesn't start to split the dressing room and that Glenn becomes that mentor that QP needs.