Glenn Wants To Start !!

8) According to a Drew Edwards article in todays Spec, Kevin Glenn says that he believes his performance so far this season is enough for the team to consider changing the starting QB.
  He goes on to say that he thinks the coaches know that too.

  Quote Glenn, "I'm a team guy, so I'm going to go with what's best for the team"

   " I feel that I've done enough to get a start "

   Marcel says that Porter will remain the team's starter  !!!!

Glenn's contract is bonus filled.
I would say I should start too if I was paid according to the games that I started.

Porter starts, and if he produces stays in the game.
If he falters Glenn can pick the team up.

No offense, but I think every back up on a football team wants to be a starter.

If they don't want to be a starter then you are stuck with a team full of Rudy's.

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I like to see Glen get a Start
He prove he can lead us .
I'd Still Love him to be our Starter but Porter has proved he'll be good with time

A team guy wouldn’t make a statement suggesting he should become the starting QB … QP had a lousy game, but has done enough to lead the team to a solid start.

Well from what I have seen every time Porter is pulled he stands on the sidelines with a sour look on his face and I don't see him trying to help anyone else, like the other QB's due. I think the most inactive but active QB on the sideline is our 3rd guy Trafalis.

Good to see this isnt an issue...

Don't think so.....

Porter is obviously hurt. I heard somewhere that he hurt his knee, and that his hand was hurt as well..

Anyone can see that his passes don't have the same zip on them as last year.

Sit him till he is better. I strongly suspect that the Cats will cruise into a home playoff game this year.

I'd rather have him healthy then.

If Porter is hurt, I'm baffled as to why Bellefeuille keeps playing him. Glenn has performed admirably in the backup role, he's a veteran with plenty of experience, and an injury to your starter is exactly why you sign a guy like Glenn in the first place! Play Glenn, let Porter heal up.

He's got a week to heal up (as he stated in an interview with Drew Edwards), rest and rehab his knee, and I'm sure his thumb/hand injury will recover during the bye week too. If not, and his hurts are too bad for him to start, then Glen should start. As far as I'm concerned, Porter has not done enough to lose the starter's job, and Glenn has not performed well enough to outright win it. BOTH QB's created brown stains on their bed linen last game.

I agree...I'm all for grooming Porter -- and if that means starting him, that's fine with me -- but if he's at all injured, he should be sitting.

Marcel's call entirely. His choices don't baffle me... he is more aware of the issues than any of us. He knows best what the implications would be for team performance, chemistry, injuries, etc. I trust him to do the best thing for the team.

Porter has done nothing to win the starter role either he has been pulled in every game but 2 or 3. Its time to put the grooming project on hold and reverse the roles and see how we do with that but porter hasnt been good once this season. Certainly not a starter this year

The last time someone said publicly that he wants to start ( re: Timmy Chang ) he ended up out of the CFL, and into the RTB (Rob Them Blind) League.
I say we stay with Porter. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Let's recap:

Game 1: went wire-to wire against Toronto in Hamilton.

Game 2: went wire to wire against BC in BC.

Game 3: pulled against Winnipeg in Hamilton.

Game 4: pulled against Montreal in Montreal.

Game 5: went wire-to-wire against BC in Hamilton.

Game 6: went wire-to-wire against Edmonton in Hamilton.

Game 7: pulled against Saskatchewan in Regina.

That's what has happened.

You are correct he hasn't been good once this season. By my count -- the BC wins and Edmonton -- he's been good three times. A couple of decent starts and two not so good.

The "grooming project" is when ONE SITS. Not when one is bullet-dodging. LOL

If Porter is nicked up and can't get back to playable over the bye week, then Glenn should start. Otherwise, I'm in the camp that likes the 4-3 start so far and doesn't reflexively change the plan because someone in the TSN panel has to fill airtime with a devil's advocate shtick or that a bad outing automatically consigns one to the bench.

Let's be clear here: if Porter screws up late in a game and "costs" the team by a bad rookie decision, bad ball security issue, etc., then I would get the burn the witches routine. I believe every Porter hook and Glenn replacement has been reasonably timely to date. If Glenn completely blows the doors off and earns the starter's role, bully for him. He hasn't as yet. Until injury or on-the-field performance dictates a permanent change, the approach being taken IS the best course for the club long term, IMHO.

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You're quite welcome... lol

Read the article.

[i]Glenn said he believes his performance so far this season is enough for the team to consider changing the starting quarterback.

...the coaches know that, too, and they're the ones that ultimately make the decisions. I'm a team guy, so I'm going to go with what's best for the team," Glenn said. [/i]

He said he thinks he's played good enough so that he COULD start.

He said the coaches decide who SHOULD start.

There is a difference and he is a team guy.

As has already been mentioned, every QB wants to start.

There is nothing new here.

Both QBs are pros and the coaches are handling them well. Overall, I like what I've seen so far.

Kevin Glenn deserves a shot to start the next game, when your starter is getting pulled half the time your team is basically playing half the game with inadequate quarterbacking this puts you at a big disadvantage
Glenn came off the bench in Montreal and did a good job. I believe this team has to win now to get the fan interest back and Kevin deserves a good look.

Porter was pulled three times in seven games. We have won ONE game with Glenn coming off the bench. Porter has won 3 games for us. Porter, if healthy, starts.