Glenn vs. Bishop in Game 18

For 2nd place in the East ...

Frankly, I like our chances as KG has something to prove and that FREAK Bishop's wheel's are about ready to come off ...

Don't give up fellow Tiger Cat fans ... there is still some football to be played :rockin:

Anyone who has watched Bishop's career knows that it's very unlikely that he is going to maintain the level of play he's shown for the past few weeks.

I have complete faith that I will be sitting with my boyfriend at IWS watching us beat whoever we play in the Eastern Semi-Final. :smiley:

I think we'll be ok in that game if we get McIntyre, Adams, and some of the newly signed D-Linemen from NFL camps into the game. We need more pressure on the QB. Rush Bishop, and he chokes. Give him time, and he will kill you.

Yes, and Bishop had a ridiculous amount of time last game. Definitely need Adams and Macintyre back.


Yes, great point! That's beeen largely ignored on this board.

That pass rush was atrocious.

Now we are talking, Glenn in Game 18, I like our chances!


I thought Adams and/or MacIntyre were ready to come back?


This thread is about Glenn vs. Bishop in the last game of the season.

It could also be a big motivator for the the Peglets. :wink:

At the risk of heresy ( occupational hazard) I think the Ticats will be playing Porter as they will have wrapped up second already. Glenn will be resting for the semi at Ivor Wynne the following week. lol