Glenn Upset? Really?

I’d like you to provide a clear definition of what constitutes a premier quarterback.

That’s hilarious!!!

So then, maybe we shouldn’t blame Cobb for his short runs…they are just really…kinda…sorta…incomplete short passes!!!

Nobody would ever argue that a bad running game helps a passing game!!!
And yes…Glenn is a premier QB, if you count the top 2 in stats in the league as being premier. But, I guess according to your logic, the bottom qb statistically is probably the best passer who just suffers from a productive running game!!

Yeah, but I really like Kiss. :wink:

That really is a BOLD point.
Calvillo may lead the league in QB rating…but he also leads the lead in “butt surfing”…or should I say “sternum sailing”
We could talk all night about whether the offensive line is struggling in Montreal…the fact remains that McPherson went close to untouched in the backfield against Hamilton…and their sometimes manic…often times comical attempts to secure him went a long way towards giving the Alouettes the victory.

Some might not want to face it…but the pure pocket passer is going the way of the dinosaur in the CFL. And holding up Burris as an example hardly reinforces your argument. He’s no a pocket passer…but like so many mobile quarterbacks, the respect his legs receive from defenses around the league has mollified the pass rush and given Burris more time to make his reads . The same happened to Damon Allen, Doug Flutie, Matt Dunigan etc. Add to that an increased understanding of the game as a whole…experience over time and there you have it.

But Burris a pocket passer? Hardly.

Adrian McPherson

The simple truth is: Bellefeuille pulled Glenn because of what he saw McPherson doing to the Cats.
“Hey…we have one of those” pretty much sums it up.

Frankly I think he does…you all do.
But the timing was WAY off…and Porter was understandably rusty.
Plus the Alouettes came INTO the game with a plan to use McPherson’s gifts to the MAX.
After all…you don’t see Calvillo running options, throwing pitches and shovels to the likes of Richardson very often.
Personally (not that I necessarily want to help the Cats out) I’d start using Glenn and Porter MORE as a 1-2 punch
Especially considering the vulnerability the Alouettes exposed…keying on your complete lack of a running game.

Of course there’s always the EGO problem…

They shoulda pulled cobb last night, he was hurting the passing game :lol: