Glenn Upset? Really?

I dont believe hes starter material on a championship team but thats due to his physical limitations. Truthfully I think he`s a below average QB that is benefiting from having no running game and 2 of the best receivers in the league

Glenn's problem is Cobb's dancing prancing type running - instead of running. Bench Cobb, not Glenn and bring in a back who can smack it.

I want a Cobourne or Reynolds in the future, Reid looks pretty darn good as well.

I'm not exactly a TiCats fan...obviously
But it seems to me that Glenn is suffering from the two main problems that Calvillo has with the Alouettes.
That is: being mainly a pocket passer...and having little or no running game.
The D pinned it's ears back and "had at 'im"

It might seem ironic that the Alouettes realized these flaws and exploited them to their fullest,
while (until recently) ignoring fans and other critics of their own, exactly parallel offensive drawbacks

But if the Alouettes can put that much pressure on Kevin Glenn, then so can other teams
(to varying degrees of success)
Glenn's never going to be any more mobile than he is now
But surely something has to be done about Cobb

He reminds me of a gun-shy bird-dog.
Only ONE solution for that.

As to Glenn being pissed of at being pulled....good!!!
He's a competitor and wants to play.
Putting in Porter could have payed off
He spanked the Alouettes BIGTIME in 2008
And could have done the same job McPherson did to the Cats
Beat them with his legs....spread the up a couple holes for Cobb

But Montreal came to play and was having none of it.
It might sound arrogant, but you should never knock yourself for losing to a better team
It's an opportunity to learn

Re: First Sentence – And so he should be upset and wondering. It was a dumb move by the coach, particularly at that point in the game, as was clearly proven through the remainder of the game.

Re: Second Sentence – Shows, once again, what a pro and gentleman Glenn is.

the way they came back and won proves it was the right decision.if the alouettes were down11 in the third quarter would they pull calvillo.not a chance.that statement is idiotic

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Not many coaches would ever pull their clear cut starter when down by only 11 points in the 3rd quarter....not Montreal, Calgary, Saskatchewan.....who just happen to be the top 3 teams.....

The only reason Glenn should have been pulled was to attempt to save his life from the blitzes that came every play due to no running game, no screen passes, no draws and no adjustments by the OC. The OC hung KG out to dry and then pulled him like it was his fault.

i think that sums it up

Bold point 1: I really don’t buy this “death of the pocket passer” theory that’s currently fashionable just because guys like Ricky Ray are struggling. Calvillo still leads the league in QB rating despite having been on the shelf since the second quarter of the Winnipeg game weeks ago. Burris, though folks don’t notice it, has actually turned into a pocket-passer. Yes, he can still make the occasional play with his legs, usually in the red zone, but when I watch Calgary games, he drops back in the pocket and throws. That’s it. He’s able to be effective because he has an all-world O-line, a genius for an OC (Dickenson), and the league’s premier running back in Joffrey Reynolds, which brings me to…

Bold point 2: There is no QB in the universe who benefits in the long term from not having a good running game. Far from it: such a deficit actually hurts the QB. Burris has twice the freedom to stand in the pocket and throw because defenses have to respect the zone read play. On second and short, the same cutback play that gets Hamilton stuffed in the backfield for a loss usually gets Calgary 4-7 yards. Reynolds keeps drives alive, chews up the clock, takes heat off the pass rush, and keeps Burris clean as a blocker. Avon Cobourne’s most productive game (against Toronto) was also one of Calvillo’s most productive games of the year. When Wes Cates is going, so is Durant. If Hamilton had a quality running back, decent run-blocking, and a better OC, Glenn would be the beneficiary, believe me.

actually no running game means he passes a lot and that the passing game is designed to achieve what the running game cannot with the short game. At least one third of his passes are really run plays

But that doesn’t help him. Sure, it puts the ball in his hands for pass attempts, but when that zone read leads to a sack or an incompletion, how does Kevin Glenn benefit? How does Kevin Glenn benefit from the Cats not being able to convert second and short on the ground? We actually have a similar problem in Montreal, except that because we’re a veteran unit and we have (if I may say so without arrogance) a better offensive coordinator, our deficiencies aren’t so apparent. Also, we run a specifically West Coast offense built on short timing routes and lots of pre-snap motion designed to ‘rub’ defenders and open up space for receivers; essentially, the bulk of our passes function like running plays because they’re short, high-percentage throws. Hamilton, from what I can see, doesn’t use a WC offense; it’s just bombs away on intermediate and deep routes and hope like hell that receivers can be superhuman. Hence, your need for a sustained running game is even greater.

Sure it helps. If you do nothing but pass your numbers look better than they are. I don't agree with your assessment of what the Cats are doing BTW. Glenn has a weak arm and a problem we have as a result is the defense doesn't get stretched out of fear of the bomb

Also, 'passing a lot' is a relative term. If you pass exclusively but always go two and out, you are actually not passing as frequently as you would if your offense were balanced and you were able to sustain lengthy drives all the way down the field.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't think Glenn is a premier QB but apparently you do

Oi vey. It doesn’t help if over the long term defenses key on the pass and take away your ability to sustain drives or be effective. Case in point from the last Als-Cats game:

Glenn: 11/27 159 yards + Porter 2/6 for 15 yards = 13/32 for 174 yards
McPherson: 21/37 for 238 yards

So who had the better numbers? McPherson: more yardage, more completions, more pass attempts. Who ran the ball more effectively as a team? Montreal, with almost 200 yards of offense along the ground.

You can get by in the short term without a running game if you get hot in the deep passing game and your receivers are on fire (like Bruce was a few weeks ago), but sooner or later, your consistency will go down the drain without a solid ground attack.

I don't agree with your assessment of what the Cats are doing BTW. Glenn has a weak arm and a problem we have as a result is the defense doesn't get stretched out of fear of the bomb
So those 300 and 400-yard games he had a while back were nothing? The expectations are a bit unrealistic here. Glenn has done as well as you might expect for a guy without a good starting tailback, saddled with a mediocre offensive coordinator and an O-line that can't run-block for anybody (Thigpen hasn't been getting big gains on the ground either, so it's not just that Cobb is the problem).

Glenn has a great touch on the majority of his deep balls, particularly the corner routes to Bruce. But he’s not perfect, obviously. Expecting him to be money on every single throw of 20 or more yards is just too much to expect from anybody.

I never said he was a premier QB – I’m not even sure what that terms means as an objective assessment of quality. I simply disputed your original statement that he was not ‘starter material on a championship team’. I think Glenn could be a starter on a championship team. However, I don’t believe Hamilton is a championship team yet. A championship team has a consistent running game, an explosive starting tailback, a good offensive coordinator, and a head coach who can coach his team to wins even when the players aren’t at their best.

if you dispute the statement you believe Glenn is a premier QB

I will have to agree with this … even doug flutie would have a hard time looking good with this teams inconsistencies