Glenn Upset? Really?

A brief paragraph in the National Post this morning (sorry, don't have link) described Glenn as upset and wondering why he was "benched" for part of the game on Sat. The he goes on to state that Marcel and he know each other's opinions and will move one.

Competitive fire? Pique? Media stirring the pot? I don't know Glenn's character so am wondering if anybody out there does... or are you guessing about this just like I am?

Worth starting a thread over? Really?

No one knows Glenn's character but his family, close friends and teammates.

So many of you here are like hovering vultures that pick apart every words a player is quoted saying.

Competitive spirit but he needs to shut up and move on. MB made the correct decision. Hopefully (and I believe very likely) thats the last you'll hear about it and rightfully so. Many unwise things have been said in anger after an ugly loss before and will be said again in the future. It only important if its repeated after everyone has had a chance to cool down after a good night's sleep

He’s right. It was a panic move, clearly. Wrong time to panic. Really, let’s get down to it. Mike + Marcel = .500 at best. We need a coaching change. We need a coaching change yesterday. These guys aren’t cutting it. THEY’RE the ones not executing. Together they have realized little gains from a team that was poised to contend. They have failed to extract results from this loaded line up. Bob O’Billovich has failed. If he thought that by cutting Setta that it would send a message to the team that nobody is untouchable, the coaching has sabatoged that. It doesn’t matter how hard the players play, the schemes and coaching decisons always has them on precarious ground. This team is a day late and a dollar short. I think Marshall would make a better HC. Now, THERE’S a guy that gets alot milage out of his charges, Bellefuille is always fixing a flat.

Oh boy, here we go trying to throw Glenn on the scrap heap with Cobb and DeAngelis :roll:

Glenn has a right to be pissed after the pathetic O-Line performance we witnessed and it's getting worse each game.

Who's throwing anyone under the bus in this thread? You lost me on that one

Hey guys... I'm just asking. I like Glenn's play.

The media make a comment. It might indicate dissatisfaction with the offensive schemes or it might just let us knowt that Glenn is less the dispassionate type and more of the fiery competitor. That's interesting stuff because emotional style can affect game play.

I've usually thought that the ball-control artists are also quieter types but I may be wrong and would like some feedback on this observation.

Golly gee willikers... everybody on these boards seems ready to fight.

Golly gee willikers... everybody on these boards seems ready to fight.
Put up yer' dukes pilgrim :twisted: :wink: :lol:

Katmandu, I've noticed a disturbing trend from you (And I know that you're not alone!) that the "solution" to all our problems would be to either fire or cut everyone as they make mistakes of any kind! As a fan, I too am VERY frustrated but I know (Hope, anyhow!) that I am not alone to see how ridiculous that way of thinking is! First of all, I didn't see the QB change as a panic move...Rather, a standard coaching decision which obviously did not work...Glenn was not moving the team at all and was running for his life on most every play! The team needed some sort of spark and if it comes at all, it usually does so from the insertion of the #2 QB (Which In our case is much more mobile so the thinking was probably that he could at least get away from the heavy pressure). Like I said, It didn't work out. Second of all, I can't believe how much some people still romanticize our former kicker...OB cut Setta for three reasons: 1) He underperformed two years in a row after a great rookie year, 2) He was an American and 3) The best kicker in the history of the game (A local Canadian BTW) was available as a free agent. While after ten games, DeAngelis has underperformed, his five year history suggests that this should be a temporary occurrence...And I trust this is the case over the other explanation that he has all of a sudden forgot how to kick! Throwing the coaches game plans into the trash doesn't make a lot of sense either...Throwing a pick on the first play from scrimmage, the dominance of their D-line over our O-line causing no holes for Cobb, Glenn's fumble on the sack and hurried throws all game would cause ANY game plan to go into the toilet! There is PLENTY of blame to go around but I TRULY believe in the "Win as a team, lose as a team" thing! IMO, each coach and player needs to believe in each other, keep plugging away and it will all come together. As fans, as difficult as it is sometimes, we have to stay patient, believe and keep cheering!

8) Well, it's not the media stirring the pot in this situation.
 Glenn was interviewed on the field after the game, and he made the statement that he was not happy at all with Marcel
  pulling him out of the game when he did !!

 Glenn added, that he has no control over it, that is the coaches decision, and he is not the coach, so there isn't much he 
 can do about it !!

 The interview was played on the CHCH sports on Sat. evening.

  I certainly don't see any big deal about his comments.

Nor do I providing it was just post game venting and not more than that

i'd rather him be upset then happy.IMO it was early & it did seem like it was a bit of a panic move; w/ that being said he wasn't playing well and he would've been pulled eventually.

Glenn routinely gets ripped for not showing enough passion. Then he speaks candidly about being unhappy about getting the hook and gets ripped for that too. Guy can't win.

And for the record, his comments were pretty mild. He never once disputed that it was Bellefeuille's decision to make, and didn't seem interested in dwelling on the hook, but he did say that he didn't agree with the decision. Should he have been happy to get pulled? Then everyone would be in here tearing into him for being a loser with no competitive fire. :lol:

Wow arent we defensive today. Glenn may get ripped for his abilities but I cant recall much about his passion. Besides if you read the thread nobody is ripping him anyway. Not one post saying there was a problem with his outburst. Go re-read the thread with a little less emotion and see if you agree that there isn`t anyone calling Glenn out for the interview

In this thread, no one is calling Glenn out based on his passion. However, in the past, I have heard many Bomber fans say they disliked Glenn because he seemed to not care when bad things happened. I’m not saying you, I or anyone else has said that, but it has been a criticism of Glenn in the past. I think that’s what the previous poster was referring to.

While he was on the sideline did the OC (such that he is) talk to him about alterations to the game plan? Likely not 'cause when he came back it was the same plan. Too bad they missed the chance. Sometimes it is easier to see alternatives if you are not in the line of fire.

Glenn should have been pulled after the first wasn't his day..couldn't read the defence..hung onto the ball too long..won't run enough...etc...etc...he was totally unprepared for the game...maybe McPherson would come available...rusty and little experience, he kicked our asses...our poor defence were just plain over tired...but they proved that they have a hard time tackling someone McPherson's size...It's a puzzle??

Glenn should be upset with himself for not calling one single play that would slow down the pass rush. Oh wait a minute, Gibson doesn't have any such set of designed plays in his play book. Glenn is ok throwing short passes. He has lost his arm strength for the bomb and is a horrid scrambler. In his defense, No one helped him resolve the pass rush all game.

Exactly, and I apologize, on reflection, for painting Ti-Cat fans with the same brush. It just seemed to me that I’d heard a lot of similar griping about Glenn from Ti-Cat fans, culminating in the weird belief that he wasn’t starter material in the face of the evidence from this season, most of which suggests that he’s having a banner year.

I have to say I would be upset after being swapped out for Porter. Glenn didn’t have a stellar game but he is clearly the better QB, he just had a bad day. Frankly, why Glenn was put back in at the end of the game and Trafalis not given a shot after Porter stunk it up (again) I’m not sure.

Honestly, Porter should shift to RB, he ran for more yards then Cobb managed to and his running game seems to be better then his throwing. The blame for this one is a lack of a running game to give the receivers a bit of breathing room.